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    John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, John Powell, James Horner, Alexandre Desplat
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About Me

David Jansen [a.k.a. gh0stwrit3r] is a Dutch media composer. He gets all crazy about sounds and new musical ideas. David is a true sound fanatic. He records his own sounds. So don’t look surprised when he turns up with his field recorder to capture something unique.

►MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL -> https://youtube.com/c/gh0stwrit3rMusic

David truly believes in sharing knowledge and experiences. Not keeping it for himself, but letting others benefit from his learnings too. That’s the reason he started his YouTube channel. It is all about (orchestral) music, composing, mixing, mastering and sound recording. And gear and software reviews too! So if you’re a (starting) media composer. Have an interest in music, composing, mixing, mastering or sound recording. Or just interested in David’s adventure and the things he does. Join him on YouTube and subscribe!


David lives in the Netherlands. He’s married with his high school love, has two lovely children and a great hairy brown colored dog.

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