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  1. Quite a pleasant piece, I love the harmony of the theme. It stays almost a the time on the same key, those scattered applied dominants make it really interesting though, specially that to E minor which appears on the very theme. Great job (though I'm no one to say it regarding my little experience) and looking forward to seeing the Moderato!
  2. Thank you @Monarcheon. Things like harmonic stuff and voice crossing may have ruined the piece, but the worst of all (I think) is the tempo. I should have raised it a bit. But anyway, done it's done and I don't know how to revert the whole fugue and change it. As for reviewing, I often listen at what some other members do, but most times I don't really feel like having anything to add, neither to say besides a naive "It's great" to most works or a meaningless "I found this piece quite profound and programmatically expressive/catchy/interesting/emotional/harmonically pleasing/whatever..." I am no one really neither know enough about music in general to criticize accurately other people's music, it's simply not acceptable to myself trying to "teach" anyone with how little experience I have. Sorry if I'm too wrong regarding this matter and again, thank you.
  3. So, my first time composing on four voices! Reasonably, parallels must be all over the place (as usual), but I think nothing so awful, at least, as a first try on four-voices. Here it is:
  4. @Theodore Servin thank you very much! I was afraid it would be as full of parallels as my previous chorale (I did in fact spot two of them just after posting), but well then, thank you so much!
  5. Just (at least hoped to be) another fugue I began working on last Saturday, and which I'm quite surprised that I could finish today, main reason why I'm posting it here right now. Perhaps might be deemed as a bit too repetitive, ostensiblty regarding the fact it isn't even 2 minutes long, but I'm a lot happier with it than any of my previous works. So, without further ado, here it is:
  6. Thank you so much. Are there really so many parallels? If so, I'm either blind or deaf. Besides how unlearned I am in harmony, thank you.
  7. Thank you as well, and my apologies for answering this late. For some reason I was unable to access the server, I just don't know what happened and today I was able to enter again as usual... Anyway, the piece is (needless to say) played by a computer, like most of what I've composed so far, so in real life it might sound like utter trash, I've been always aware of that risk coming true. Regarding the shifts in the middle section, I have never played cello before, neither viola, so I'm ignorant on how awkward a modulation towards A minor, and then E minor, and then the progression could be. Also, I'm sorry for leaving that abyss of a rest in the cello part troughout the progression in measures 16 to 21. I just didn't know how to continue the bass line along the progression and just left it blank. Please, cellists around, don't kill me yet. I swear I've tried to in many ways since I uploaded the files, but I just couldn't. Sorry. And of course, thanks for your reviewing. Thanks. Of course I admit the piece could be longer if I wasn't in albis while composing it, but did you also mean orchestrating it for more voices? Perhaps a larger quire (or choir, Idk)? That's far beyond the scope of my composing (I think, I just tend to limit myself by thinking this will lead me nowhere, but anyway...) Regarding Bach's chorales, do they have a common structure or specific chord progressions? What do you mean by "chorale barrier"? It may, for sure, not be a chorale since I have no real idea on how an scholastic choral (if thta even exists) is supposed to be. Or am I misunderstanding? Anyway, thanks a lot for reviewing my work!
  8. This is a resuming of the topic in the Piano and Solo Keyboard forum shown below. An arrangement of this formerly for keyboard chorale (or perhaps it's not), for string quartet and transposed to D minor. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Just (hopefully to be) a chorale with a great lack of homophony (which I once read to be a pretty characteristic attribute of chorales as a whole) so I'm not really sure whether to call it a somewhat heterodox chorale or something else I might be utterly missing. I began it just today and have spent most time this day finishing and arranging it for a string quartet, whose version I'll probably be uploading in a few minutes. Annyway, here it is:
  10. Thank you for your criticism, for most things I think it will help me out a lot. Regarding the first point, the subject might be alright (to some extent, I deem it somewhat boring - which is one of the main reasons why it doesn't bear the very essence of the piece on its own, due to the fact that I realized too late how disappointing the subject was). I agree the subject isn't the main problem though. Most of my compositions usually lack to a great extent an acceptable degree of structural sense (which may not be noticed in most of which I uploaded to this forum since they're among my worst - at least to my actual point of view). I know I might seem conceited comparing my own works among themselves, but the only real references I have applied to my music (those to be actually conscious of) is Bach, and Of Course I wouldn't dare at all comparing myself to him! (Honestly, who would?). Even that last statement sounds too pedantic. Regarding the second point, it's all true - and despite being aware of my persistent mistakes I'm often incapable of applying counterpoint variatons on my composing, mainly due to the fact that by the time I try to introduce them into a new composition I can't find any convenient place. It's frustrating. Anyway, thank you very much four your criticism, it has actually been so helpful, not harsh at all, and mostly encouraging. Thanks.
  11. I spent most sunday working on it and I think it to be decent enough for me to post it. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, here it is:
  12. Not much to say. I just spent most of yesterday working on it, and finally I could finish it today morning. I have intended it to be mostly playableas well, but I can't actually play it myself so I'm not really sure whether it is or isn't. P.S.: In case you people really hate how harpsichord sounds on mp3, please tell me. I play the violin, so I'm quite aware how awful can an instrument sound on mp3, specially if the listener actually knows the instrument and its sound qualities which in many cases are quite difficult to emulate propperly on a digital file. So, here it is:
  13. Thank you for answering. I'm aware I could have set ritardando marks or more ornaments (despite Musescore3 still lacking any specific function to make the first one possible). Regarding that specific modulation on bar 22, just to say it's not among my best. Regarding the whole (despite still uncomplete) piece, I've been recently told that rhythmic division changing is quite uncommon (for example in bars 26 to half 28 or within the very subject), in which 6/8 turns into 3/4 appears. I don't know to which extent is it supposed to be an unpleasant feature but I still didn't remove it at all. About the ending... Well, this piece just became one among the too many developed pieces I did not intend to finish due to lack of inspiration or... Well, just leaving them over to sleep and then finding myself unable to continue. I'm still trying to finish a couple others I've started since I uploaded this one, one of which (in B-flat major) I'm hoping to finish an upload soon. Thanks.
  14. Since last time I uploaded some of my works I've been struggling with countersubjects and trying my best at finishing any piece of mine into an acceptable counterpoint ar something relatively close to a fugue (perhaps it gets to be a fughetta). I've been unable to finish anything really, mainly because of lack of inspiration due to many other factors, but this one seems fairly good to me in comparison to my previous works (I also must humbly notice again that my previous pieces were... Well, not even worth being called "pieces" to current standards). But anyway, here it is: P.S.: it might be also noticed immediately that the audio is playing a harpsichord. To me, it just sounds better than the piano, at least using an open-source sound font. Thanks.
  15. Just re-uploaded the score and the audio after some corrections, such as the bass line of the progression in measures 64 to 66 or what I think to be an applied fifth in measure 46. Also changed the chord in the first-to-last measure into a (I think) Dsus4 chord (not really sure whether is alright or completely out of place...) Hey, I'm glad you liked it! In fact I was wondering why not using chords from the very first two measures, instead of sticking to the form as I had done before, and I wouldn't have imagined such success (by the way what I mean by succes here is having been able to finish the piece). Thank you!
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