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  1. A very lovely piece indeed. I almost fear praising you too much, but I found that while the themes and writing in general was influenced by Chopin to some degree they were still fascinating and original. Combined with the carefree yet romantic feel you have so expertly conveyed it is certainly one of my favorite compositions of recent years, and I must admit that I have already listened to it several times. Personally, If I was performing this piece I would probably be very tempted to play the main theme from Measure 3 onwards a bit faster than the tempo you have prescribed, perhaps even more so when it returns later on, but that is only because I would be so engrossed in it’s beauty. Though it is really only a matter of personal opinion I also thought the section preceding the Adagio from Measure 38 - 41 was a bit harsh, but that takes nothing away from the fact that it is a piece I would love to see in concert one day. Bravo!
  2. Hello, everyone. First, I’d like to thank Luis Hernández, Gustav Johnson, and bkho for their comments and advice on my last upload over a month ago. They were very much appreciated and encouraged me to continue composing. Unfortunately I have been traveling frequently since then and as such have been unable to access a piano. This has caused the difficulty of my compositions to increase rather dramatically, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some are virtually unplayable, though I have done my best to exclude chords beyond the octave. In the same way it would also not be surprising if some are in a key different to the one in which I have written them, the major focus of these studies (or expositions) being A Flat Minor. Consider No. 11, the easiest and only one not written in this key, as an apology for any such flaws. I should also mention that I am working on pieces longer than eight measures in length, but in the meantime any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated.
  3. https://youtu.be/Nd9hPcYEbFw Hello, everyone. This is my first submission to the forum, and one of my first attempts at composing music. I really enjoyed writing these, and any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated!
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