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  1. Is it Solo strings? I need it for Solo pieces (like Solo violin)
  2. I want to find one really good Solo strings VST instruments (prise doesn't matter) the I can use for ensembles (like quartets, trios and more). It means that maybe they fit together nicely... I'll be happy to share one of my works if I'll find a good one😉
  3. Hello everyone. I'm trying to find some special percussion techniques and effects (like bow with a team tam or a cortales). I want to see what can I fit in prices for the future. If anyone has a table of techniques (and maybe sound samples) I'd like to see them!
  4. I know. The piece have some double stops too. Also, when you're doing fifths it sounds smaller but more open than a regular double stop because the sounds are combining. Compare it to an octave, it's adding an effect.
  5. This Piece is absolutely great. please continue writing!
  6. It sometimes sound good. if you mean to do that. it has a more open sounds (like octaves). Haydn wrote a string quartet which the nickname of it is "The Quinten (or Fifths) Quartet". you can here some fifths there.
  7. Hi. Im new here. I really liked it. It all sound a bit small - like a big A part. Have you considered writing a contrasting B part? Maybe with a different rythnic feel? more legato maybe? But I could definitely imagine a penguins March 😛 Also, You might want to think about adding more voices, I think about more bases to make it sound bigger (think about any music without bases, it sounds a bit empty). Nice Job!
  8. At first it supposed to be a Ringtone (this is why its so homophonic). Lately I Looked at it and thought how can I Develop it. I thought about adding a mariachi band btw...
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