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  1. Thank you Luis, I really love Wagner :D The voice you hear in the middle and at the end of the music is Lara Ausensi's voice.
  2. Godlike_Ascend-02.mp3 Hi everyone ! 🙂 I am a 24 years old french composer, and I upload stuff on a YouTube channel. I discovered this forum and I wanted to share you some of my works, to got feedback on what is good and wrong. Feel free to tell me everything inspires you when you listen to my track ! The main idea with this music was a kind of "prequel" to "Divine Ancestry" by Adrian von Ziegler. How these Ancestors became "Divine" ? My answer is this music. My YouTube channel is called Andramaloth, if some of you are curious, here it is : https://www.youtube.com/user/DeepyMusics/videos
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