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  1. Thank you all for reviewing my work! I agree that the simple pattern repeating is a bit comical, i will try to think of interesting ways to modify it. I also feel song is not complete. Id gotten frustrated with how long it was taking to get what I already figured out played smoothly so i posted something to be done with it. Making music takes patience though. The revised version will be up soon. Thank you all for listening. 🙂
  2. I agree with the advice from the youtube commenter below.
  3. I took into account all your feedback and created a new version of the song. I still have the squeaky tone sometimes, but will continue working on lifting my fingers more when playing. I think its complete now and a friend suggested to publish it as a demo. Thanks again for listening! 🙂
  4. This was cool! I imagine this being played during a cut scene in a video game
  5. This was good! Your playing and vocals are sounding okay, but there are some things that should be called to your attention. The vocals hit the right notes most of the time, but it sounds off in some places, like maybe your hitting the notes just slightly above or below the note you meant to hit. The background vocals are sometimes off key too. The voice sounds strained as well, but this is nothing that vocal practice and warm ups won't help. Also, moving too close or too far from the mic makes the melody randomly softer and louder and if that's not intentional that is something to keep mind of. The electric guitar solo is great but seems a bit rushed at times, losing the time of the accompaniment. Other than that the song is nice and structured well. Thank you for sharing! I hope this feedback helps
  6. @Jean Szulc Hey Jean! Thank you! I just checked out some songs from infancia, and what an eccentric composer, its jazzy/pop/classical. Its playful but jarring sometimes and melancholic sometimes. Always skillful. I gotta share! Link is below for anyone who happens on this thread and wants to check him out. Three songs from Infancia played live with his group. I'd love to compose and play like him one day
  7. @Tónskáld Thank you so much for listening and your input! You've cleared up some fog for me, especially about the key and the ambiguous sound. It's interesting, the tonic and the subdominant maj7s share the first and third degree notes. And the tonic is the fifth degree of whatever the 4th degree is. I think I can use this in the future. You're right about m.48-49, I'll try it sustaining an f# an octave higher. Thanks again! 😄
  8. I'd say the horns and strings will work well together. I think the space between the last two notes could be spread out more. It would be a nice contrast to have notes held out by the horns while the strings are playing, in my taste. I would be interested to see this fleshed out into a full song. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I've gone back to this piece to look at patterns and structures in what I tend to make. So far I see simple melody but colorful chords and dissonance in the music, ostinato in the bass and syncopated rhythm throughout. The key signature in the sheet music is my best guess at what it might've been, but I do hear there might be modulations. I tend to move away from main idea but bring back the idea at the end or throughout. Lots of repetition, this may be something I should hold back on in the future. I am very interested to know why this song works or why it may not work. I have the feeling that the melody never rests on what might be the home note, which makes it sound ambiguous. I think. Thank you for listening. Feedback, if you wish, is greatly appreciated.
  10. I enjoyed this very much! I don't think it was too repetitive. The refrain sounds beautiful. I like how the end doesn't feel like the end but makes me go back to the beginning. I would love to learn to play this! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Listening to this for me, was a marvel of complexity. I looked up what an etude is and this is sure a demonstration of skill. The contrast of the quick high nimble melodies and low heavy bass I liked. The video was really cool. I think blizzard is a fitting title with melody ascending and cascading and making jumps like snowflakes in the wind. Thank you for sharing!
  12. I asked this question in the chat before I saw this thread. What do you guys use? I use noteflight.com its free and online, but i'm wondering if you have any other suggestions?
  13. I wonder if the uploader ever made an edited this but I found this by suggestion. A mashup of Brubeck and Satie and sounds wonderful. Do you know of any cool mashups? Share them here!
  14. I enjoyed this suite. I agree that chord choice was lovely throughout. Looking at the sheet music for resistance in 5/8 and adagio I'd say they look more like intermediate pieces, but like you said you tried your best! The transition from light to heavy dynamics was a pleasant surprise in adagio. Cynical was an amusing piece. A lamentation was my favorite. Thank you for sharing! 🙂
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