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  1. Yea, thats what I meant, I wasn't using any brain cells...
  2. What you described for ritardation is correct. When the Non-chord tone resolves down, it is called a suspension(Edit: assuming its holding over from the previous chord, I probably look dumb now....). This is an appoggiatura: http://openmusictheory.com/embellishingTones.html
  3. I wasn't going for baroque, I was going for "not terrible" In retrospect, yea m5 is very "busy"
  4. @Lwazi Nkiwane More details would be nice. I would totally do this if: I don't have to hire an orchestra, don't have to fly to Los Angeles, get paid if this is for commercial use. What is this for??? We are't going to start composing if we don't have the details we need... If the conditions above are true, I would like to make ONE piece, maybe TWO...
  5. reviving old topics... I would really like to see Orchestration and Counterpoint masterclasses
  6. 1. Im pretty close to having $200(im a student) 2. I'm trying to get a Tuba for College which is going to cost me about $2.5k 3. No, this was just for fun. 4. I have no idea where I would join a thing like that but It sounds like a really good idea. 5. I would hope that a professional musician would be able to play this decently. I don't see a reason why this couldn't be played reasonbly well. I have had expirence with people playing my music already, I'm going to have one of my Compositions performed this sunday.... I think I should wait until I get to college and ask some people there. There is no composition program, but there is an orchestra.(They focus on Music Perfomance and Education degrees) But if you know how to find any possible local composer's concert that would be cool.
  7. I made a String Quartet because I found out that I could hire a string quartet for pretty low price(and it would be cool to have them play it and I record it 🙂) I have a version without a Flute and one with(because I found out that they can add other instruments 🙂) I don't know which one I should get a recording of, or if it is even worth while(maybe the composition isn't good enough to spend about $200) What do you think?
  8. @Cyril Vincent These are really good. It sounded like you have had a ton of experience. These pieces could definitely be played in real life. Here is my 2 minor complaints: 1) Towards Andromeda, there is some type of person singing type thing in the middle.... I'm not sure what effect it has, it was interesting but in my opinion it doesn't relate with going towards Andromeda, you know what I mean? 2) To Adventure, and the end there was a wolf howl(I'm pretty sure) I could see how it goes with the theme, I could totally imagine a view of a castle at night with a howl from a wolf. But if your aiming for this to be realistic, something an orchestra can reproduce, extra non-instrument noises make it harder. That my 2 cents. This was really good, both were fantastic. (I imagine its easy making this music with a DAW compared to regular notation.) Please make more, and maybe a Tutorial so I can make music like this 🙂
  9. Thanks Gustav! I appreciate your thoughts. Can't wait for the detailed judges responses 🙂
  10. This is the music I wish I could write, excellent music!
  11. thanks guys, i appreciate the comments and emotional support. I think I say it sucks before others say because I tend to show this music to people my age who aren't in band, people who listen to rap... Also it has been better for me historically to say that something sucks then they listen to it and they are all like "wow that was really good" as for an example, my band directors make me play(tuba etudes) for them so I can compete in UIL region. He told me to "play your worst etude" and I said "they're all pretty bad" he laughs it off and I play all of them and then he gives my some minor fixes like exaggerate dynamics but tells me that I was really good with the technical stuff and note accuracy. so yea... I think my problem is that I don't want to set the expectations so high then failing people with uninteresting music. It is definitely something I will work on. Thank you guys for your help. I'll be changing my username....
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