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  1. @Mikebat321 Thank you for your comment. I'll think about different/modulating harmonic progressions in the future. I'm still figuring out the melody variation thing, but let me know when I get it in the future. Thank you.
  2. Thanks @Guillem82! I just have trouble with dynamics in general, much like in real life performances. I agree with the replacement of the flute with oboe, I've been experimenting with the oboe and I like it more than I thought I would. The reason why I generally double all the time is because I don't know how to build into a moment that requires more power. It's very strange. I'm a very mono-tone person in real-life and I think it shows in my music. I think its just something I will know how to do when I figure it out randomly... I have, several more like this one that I haven't posted here. mainly because I moved away from them. But you can check all my music that I don't upload on this website on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxGD7pXpSvvR6ot4nOUDcGw Thank sir, I appreciate your comment.
  3. I voted the last option because I'm stupid, I would like to do the suite idea.
  4. @Tónskáld Thank you! I have 2 contrabass lines because one of them is legato and the other is pizzicato. Musescore is weird like that. I guess I need to write divisi above the Violas. I'm a Tuba player so I assumed that the section would split parts like the trombones. I'll try to work on counter-melody more and try to double less. They way the score is notated is more for the program and not players because I seriously doubt anyone will be playing this, but I'll think about it more if I make music for others to play. If I get to it, I'll notate a more playable version. At the moment I'm working on composition battles with my friend and getting a choral piece preformed: Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. Edit: I figured out how to make the CB line have pizz. and arco. I wish I knew that long ago...
  5. Any suggestions to make this better? I am a new-ish composer. Thanks
  6. This is a Psalm that I put into a Chorale type song. My church Choir is looking at the piece and hopefully I can get a live recording. Any suggestion for future song would be appreciated because I can't do much about this one 🙂
  7. It is a shame that no one has sung this(at least that I know of), it would be really good! good job!
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