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  1. Hey guys, Easter is approaching. I would like to make a multi-movement, 25-30 minutes. I can make the music fine, it just the lyrics are an issue for me. The plan is to have it preformed by a small group of friends at my church next year(Easter of 2021). So I need some lyrics, can't start composing without the lyrics, its composing blind. Of course credit will be given. Thank you for your consideration. edit: I would like the lyrics to be posted below as quickly as possible, and in ENGLISH. LYRIC FORMAT: Jesus enters Jerusalem. Jesus has the last supper. Judas betrays Jesus and has him arrested. Jesus encounter with Pilate and being sentenced. Jesus dies on the cross. Jesus resurrects on the 3rd day. CHORALE(Short phrases/2 measures worth): Reminder that Jesus dies to save us from our sin.
  2. Just a little sad flute solo.
  3. I changed the Piano (the former being harpsichord), because we don't have a harpsichord at church. Hope this change is much better.
  4. I never thought about that... kinda feel a little stupid of not thinking of recomposing... mentality of just leaving the bad stuff in the dust and trying again from scratch... I'll get on it right away!!
  5. your right, I usally compose without a title in my head. I just quickly said "hey, theres a A section and B section and an A section again.. " I make something and wrongly give it a name. I'll think of something else...
  6. Thanks!! I figured I should have a custom image instead of giving the world my sheet music, I might want to make money one day!! I plan on getting this performed for my church, I'm getting the players ready for it. But it will be weeks before the performance if it even happens(good trumpet players are rare) I think you don't like the phrase ending on a quarter note, or it could be that the secondary dominat wasn't expected since it has been stuck in one key. The actual pitches sound ok to me..
  7. I'm not sure if the last half is 'calm', but thanks!
  8. I'm starting a series on YouTube of me playing the organ(not a trained keyboard player). I just play what ever I think will sound good, eventually I'll try to get my form better. Here is the first video!
  9. its nice to see other Tuba players on this site. I like it!! if only I could compose good music for tuba.(its hard for me)
  10. Anything better I could've done to make it more baroque? Edit: and yes, I got some "inspiration" from the Brandenburg concerto 2. edit: yes, I caught the parallel octaves in m32, I fixed it by moving beat 2 up a 3rd, for parallel 3rds...
  11. Epic, I forgot about the low A, I'll put that D back on the treble clef.
  12. For the piano players out there: Is this playable? I want to give this to my church pianist but I want to make sure its playable before I give it to him. Is there anything I can do to make reading it easier?Prelude_and_Fugue.pdf Edit: please make comments based off the PDF, not the video, the video is for audio.
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