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  1. @Pietro17 I would say that It depends on the music you write. I have my small brass music played by friends(free), the venue is free because I scheduled a time to perform during an offertory at church. I have my organ music/piano music played by people at church... Church is where its at for me(I have a chorale type hymn that I composed going to be performed after Christmas) I couldn't imagine getting a symphony or a string group(kinda rare in my area) so the best thing for big pieces is unfortunately using the best computer programs available. Here is me rehearsing the gang, keep in mind that this is not perfect and we are working small details but still a really good run for us(them really...) My advice is to start with small groups, get connections and work your way up...
  2. hi @Morivou_ English is my native language, as for the wording of the music, I am an instrumentalist, not a vocalist, and never learned the 'rules' for proper lyric making. I have taken one Music Theory class.
  3. @Luis Hernández Yes, I can tell, I'm listening to art of fugue as I type this.
  4. I learned most of those things in Music Theory. But It was more centered around harmony and not counterpoint. I don't really have an option to get into a course until I go to college. I learned 2, 3, 5 on your list. I'll definetally work on 2 voice counterpoint and simpler forms. @Luis Hernández Thank you for the advice.
  5. I think it is a 'crap fugue' because it is very short, very sketchy moments, It only work with keyboard instruments because if a note is held out for the intended time it would be extremly dissonate. I listen too much to the masters like Bach and Handel, Mozart ect. I like to compare my music to the grand-scheme of everything. It may be good for me, but its not good enough for me. And your right @Tónskáld I have no self-respect.
  6. I decided to use my free time in class to compose and this my poor attempt of a fugue. Any suggestions to on how to do better would be good.
  7. As a Tuba player, I am offended.we can play a trill in the low register. Lol. It's ok, no one likes the Tuba. It sounds interesting from what I got from the midi file, I wish I had a better playback recording. I don't have anything criticize about the orchestration, you've done a good job compared to my garbage. I'm still learning.
  8. @Morivou_I admire Bach's music, Especially the St. John's Passion. Mozart would be my #2, The Requiem in D minor. Luckly scores for these are common on YouTube.
  9. Thank you all! I am in school so sorry for a long response. Introducing new material while the old one still going sounds like a plan for me. I'll give you an update when I get around to doing it. I'm a little focused on school, apparently Statistics is hard.
  10. yes, that is fair i suggest for future contest, you set a date when the entries can start so that way super early submissions like mine don't get posted.
  11. These are suites based on a Bach Chorale. This is very early but I am sorta busy, so the quality in my opinion is not the highest, and is much a copy and paste of previous works of mine.
  12. @nostalgia I looked at a few of your Psalms and I don't know what your going for. Here is my opinion, and you can disregard them if you wish. 1) it is very dissonant, making it very difficult to sing. 2) it sounds very random 3) I'm not sure why you used a psalm for lyrics. when I think of a psalm, I think of a chorale or a hymns. This music is very strange to me. I couldn't give you any real advice. Good luck to you.
  13. I think It would be interesting if I made a video of me showing you my composition process.(edit: looks like I made a video....) Sometimes I will write something on paper, but most of the time, I use the computer.
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