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  1. People, please send the ideas to me. The idea is that people don’t know what options there are, nor what they are getting.
  2. @caters Whatever fills 2 paragraphs tops and can serve as inspiration/constraint for who receives it.
  3. @Quinn I'm the one who will take care of all the submissions, so if you want to participate send your stuff to me. Then, I'll assign each one a random idea, and will send them directly to each person.
  4. I revisited this topic quite a few times, and I never know what to answer. I think you have to decide this. See what formation provide you with the actual tools you need to make this into what you have in mind.
  5. I'd say moday at noon, eastern standard time. It should be enough so that people can decide if they are going to participate. After people recieve their texts we can then decide the second deadline, because each one will have an idea of how much time will it take to complete whatever they have in mind. Also, it'd be important for everyone who is going to participate to follow this topic, so that everyone gets notified of any change or announcement.
  6. @Noah Brode I think one or two paragraphs tops, so that the composer has more room for interpretation.
  7. You people can start sending me stuff, in a few days I’ll assign each one a theme and we’ll see how it goes. A quick doubt: should I send the theme I assign to people privately, so that people doesn’t know who got what until the pieces are done, or should I just post them all in here?
  8. Okay, so if anyone has stuff to send, send it to me and I'll take care of it. Are there any dats in which I should no longer accept submissions and actually randomize the topics for each person?
  9. I'm not sure I'll have time to do this, so if you (@Left Unexplained) want me to select the topic for each person I can do this. That way you don't know what you are getting.
  10. I'm currently reading "Classical Form" by William E.Caplin. I'm sure you can find a pdf online.
  11. I hadn't though of that, good that you pointed it out. But I'm not sure if it would be much of a problem, as he wants a track to enjoy while playing an RPG. Whatever makes it enjoyable for some length of time is valid, imho.
  12. Your compositions are sounding a lot more purposeful, which is great. Congratulations on your imporvement. I do think the modulation is quite "crunchy", as you called it. I think that in this case, you could go way simpler than that. G - D7 - Am - Em - Bm - E7 - A Major or Minor, you decide. If this is used with good voice leading, it will make up for a really smooth modulation. Other paths are surely possible, I was just sujesting something for you to try. Good luck!
  13. I see. I think the best way to expand this, especially if you are new to composition, is to chose a simple form, such as simple ternary, binary, rondo and try to round it up. If you have no knowledge of musical form, I would recommend doing some simple research into the ternary and binary form. That will give you a good headstart Best of luck 🙂
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