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  1. Although this is true, I don't think it is particularly necessary in this particular piece. I like the harmonic vocabulary used in here and I think that the piece is quite well-balanced. As for the interplay between the lines, I do think it could use some work. I find that from letter N on, it gets a bit tiring. It feels like the piece is going to end at letter M, but it breaks that feel and keeps going, which I found quite jarring. I found this piece very nice-sounding. Great job. Cheers!
  2. It's sounding very cool. I'd remove the double bass and cello lines in the first two measures, just to make it a bit lighter in the start. Of course, it's just my opinion. Besides that, it's a nice start.
  3. Hey it's quite nice indeed. I would like for a bit more variation on the piano part. Also, some of the notes sound very high for the cello, and if they are playable, they will not sound like this. It's better to put them on the violin(s).
  4. Exactly, I always over-orchestrate. This seems to be the problem that permeate all my pieces. Oh well, one day I'll learn how to deal with this.
  5. This is veery nice! Great job, I love your harmonic voccabulary on this one! Especially in your pieces, I always lack a live performance. The midi does absolutely no justice to your compositions! I would have enjoyed a cadential point that's a bit more discrete in M. 35, but besides that everything feels just in place!
  6. I disagree, I think it works nicely. If performed, I think the listener will percieve the first idea as an intro, and will then see it as a first section of the piece, once it reapears in the end. This creates ambiguity, which is always great. I agree with this. Perhaps you could orchestrate it a little bit lighter, so that you have some headroom to expand in the last section. I really like the sonority you achieved in this. I want to see where it goes. Kind regards, Jean.
  7. Very cool-sounding. It's well-balanced an the sections complement each other well, without it all sounding too chopped-up or too repetitive. I also feel like this might be very fun to perform/conduct.
  8. @aMusicComposer Could you please not talk about me? It's possibly because of the midi sounds. It does also reminds me of pokemon (and toontown, lol) About the piece itself, I feel you could make the instrumentation a bit more lively by not emphasizing the strong beats too much. I feel like this piece could benefit from being more rhytmically ambiguous. The last measures sound really good because of that. Also, I know you're composing in this classical setting, but I think you could spice up the harmonies a bit to make the important cadences sound more noticeable. Don't have to go crazy on it, I just feel it's lacking thos last 15% so that you can get to 100.
  9. I agree a lot with @Luis Hernández. Your melodic material is much stronger than the one from your previous pieces. Everything feels quite repetitive. Also, I'd say that the contrapunctal passages are not very strong, and last not enough for them to cause any impact. Perhaps on your next pieces you could use a simpler form, that instead of relying on repetition relies on longer, more developmental sections. It would already make a ton of diference, as I sometimes sense you come up with something simple and just loops it over and over to the listener.
  10. Hello everyone! I just have to share this gem I just found. This is a very well-known work from Brazilian popular culture, arranged for an expanded symphony orchestra, performed by OSESP (São Paulo Symphony Orchestra) in BBC Proms. It's soooo good. I had never listened to this arrangement before, and it is sure a great place to start if you know nothing about Brazilian music. I hope you all enjoy it! Cheers!
  11. This mockup is amazing. It does sound like a real orchestra to me. Also, I like that you went for a more true-to-life sound instead of what we now call "cinematic". I think this is a much more pleasing aesthetic to seek. Great job!
  12. Veeery cool piece! It contains a lot of particular ideas, themes rhythms and it all adds up to a nice final product. Also, pretty much the first time I enjoy listening to the vibraphone, so there's that. Good job!
  13. Hey! On the first piece I felt that the transitions were a bit abrupt. I would like to see some small transitional passages instead of cadencesm so that it doesn't chop up the flow of the piece. The second one as better, and the last one I feel is the best. I guess it shows your improvement as a composer from one piece to the other. Cheers!
  14. I would have liked for a bit less ambience, as it drowns out the percussive sound you went for. Besides that, I think this is a solid ending.
  15. Hey! Congratulations, it sounds awesome! I think you use this style in a great way. I'd enjoy if the section from M. 59 had a bit more if it had some rhythmic independence between the voices. Also, I'd recommend to reduce the ambience you used in the midi recording, as it drowns out the music a bit. Cheers!
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