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  1. I think the role of art is to project our sense of meaning into the universe, thus making our environment more legitimately meaningful. It (among many other things) is proving that an imagined sense of meaning is a real one. I also believe that creating something tangible that makes you feel something, and then showing it to others and it makes them feel something, is almost like emotional telepathy. It is a much more direct mode of emotional communication than anything else. As humans we know meaning when we see it, it's an instinctual spiritual yearning, it is a bittersweet feeling of something greater than yourself. It makes you cry, and you don't know why. That is why I love music, because it is much bigger than the person who wrote it.
  2. that is a really good example. I guess for me composition is a state of mind, and nonconceptual "gamma wave" consciousness is limitless because you go beyond the "limits" of your physical body and kind of realize that you are an interconnected part of a greater whole. Some may say it's just an optical illusion in the eye of the mind, but music (or any other meaningful expression) is the evidence that your psyche, your imagination, is just as real as your body or the earth.
  3. overchoice musical paralysis, yes. The whole reason I'm working on music + composition theory. I know it will catch on soon it's just the stuff I make right now by ear is like 5x as good as the stuff I make using theory and my conscious knowledge. But I do think that we have access to amazing feelings and there are some things we cannot explain. It's not so much the concept of limitlessness I'm talking about I mean more like.. the lack of any concept at all.
  4. As a developing composer I find it difficult to find the same creative spark that came from the "freedom" of being able to do anything I wanted. I find myself turning more and more to technique and things I've read about than my own creative instincts. I know this betrayal of my true self is a temporary one, until my unconscious acclimates to a new environment and things start to flow better than they ever did before. But for right now I find myself stuck between two worlds, my brain and my heart. I would like to talk about how important it is to keep composing no matter your skill level. I think at times composing can be very painful, especially when your inadequacies are at the forefront of your consciousness. Yes it's great to better yourself and work on your weaknesses, but you should never come to a point where you despise being vulnerable. Weakness makes a beautiful sound. Being scared does too. Your shadow is likely the source of a good chunk of your creativity. Maybe you shouldn't give yourself unlimited options as a composer but just understand that being, untouched, is limitless.
  5. Thank you. It's hard to define what the first part is doing, the second part I was definitely going for a more tonal approach, kind of as an exercise. Still learning, my next thing I'm going to work on is form
  6. This is my first piece where I chose a tonal center to stick to (G major). I'm learning to be a conscious composer and it feels really good. A lot of frustration dissolving every day. Anyways, I welcome any feedback
  7. Thank you for your input. It may have been, that was kind of my concern with it, although I feel like over time my instincts kind of take over, as they did.
  8. I think it is virtuous if you are talented enough to preserve your integrity in the face of capitalist interests
  9. thank you so much! I'm actually new to all of this (hence, no score). I compose mostly by ear and am now doing the hard work of becoming a conscious composer. I like that you bring up parallel harmony, I also really love it (Debussy being my favorite "parallel artisan"). because I am so new to this, there are many things that I am lacking, one of them being knowledge of form and I guess you would call it "meta analysis" because I'm so in the moment. I did intend for there to be more movements to the piece, but lacking a great deal of knowledge of composition theory I never felt the confidence to re-approach a piece I am so fond of (the fear of "ruining" it or not being good enough to finish it). It's hard to prove to yourself that you are who you know you are deep down, and it's also very terrifying to start a piece from scratch when you have no idea what you're doing. Nonetheless, I have found my calling and will continue to expand my consciousness for the rest of my life. :) Thank you for your kind words, and more importantly for telling me what you think!
  10. wow... brb i have to listen to your other songs now
  11. can't find it, but Im pretty sure its in a pokemon game, or maybe super smash bros? I'm not saying you stole it Im just saying Ive definitely heard that exact song in a video game
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