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  1. Your music makes me want to build waaay more self-discipline. So free.
  2. I'm expanding it, but the idea of a concerto is intriguing
  3. The texture at 0:31 is interesting. I like 1:22 onward for that section. I really like how you play with dissonance, I gotta get the balls to make something that I don't think is "perfect". 2:47 really grabs me + the conclusion. Nice work!
  4. I like the harmonic movement at 2:03 onward for that section. That moment at 3:41 was a good fake-out, I love those moments when you expect something and it goes in a totally different direction. Kind of sets up a whole unexpected section. 4:16 was interesting, I think I'll use that . 5:03, nice, wasn't expecting that diminished turn. I especially like the conclusion, I think you strike a nice balance between tonality and parallel harmony.
  5. I'm just so used to not using musical notation at all and just creating chords + melodies like shapes into my daw / going by ear.
  6. Im just straight into a daw so I don't know if I can, but I also haven't looked into it at all so... Probably should get on that.
  7. wow, very impressive. I love the wild runs and the harmonic freedom
  8. been working on this for a couple days
  9. I want to get away from large, continuous blocks of sound. This piece may be their last stand before I change lol.
  10. dramatic emotional thriller / horror, kind of one that leaves you conflicted. Like a hitchcock thriller. I think the answer might just be become a better composer, I get that you can't really give an answer to this question realistically looking back on it.
  11. How do you make scarier sounding music? Any advice would be helpful, maybe some chord relationships that are scary or something
  12. Thank you! Yes I would agree in retrospect, maybe I could have added more tonics or fifths in the orchestration. Also I think the lower 3rd on the violas is slightly out if tune which kind of brings the problem into closer view.
  13. thanks for your kind words friendo :)
  14. wow!!!! cool sounding piece! very well orchestrated and the harmonic movement was fresh. Very lush and powerful at the same time. Great work!
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