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  1. yes but so far it's @jawoodruff , @Moueen Issa , @TheCluelessClariney , you and I, But i think we will wait 2 days for everyone who wants to join to join.
  2. I think we will wait until a certain amount of people join in, I was thinking 4 but we could wait for more, I'll start asking around and see how many people we can get
  3. maybe a short backstory with each topic should be required.
  4. Each person who is interested in entering comment your interest on this post, come up with a cool topic with a short backstory and DM it to me. After 4+ people do this, I will randomly select a topic for each person to compose a piece about. Or I could wait longer, depending on what you guys think. We can post them as we finish them and learn who we received the topic from.
  5. I know the feeling. This is a nice piece, kind of reminds me of bolero with so much similar interwoven motivic material.
  6. wowowowowowowowowowowowowow that was incredible!! so cohesive and the changes in dynamics were very powerful. I'm curious what software you used.
  7. I'm reading Schoenbergs fundamentals of music composition
  8. This song really makes me cry and I like this version of it because it's a bit more somber. Post malone back in the day!
  9. isn't that one of those french/italian/german 6ths? I like those a lot too.
  10. maybe add a synth wobble with some reverb high in the register to compliment the hi hats. Also I think it could use better sound design, I don't know what synth you are using but most of them have filters you can automate. It's a catchy tune but that's only half the battle in electronic music
  11. I like it, but it could be more adventurous. That being said, I like that you compose for your instrument and can play it, I think that will serve you very well going forward.
  12. I love your pieces. They are so technically proficient but more importantly (in my opinion) they convey a lot of depth and meaning. Your vision is really good. Keep up the good work, you are definitely someone to watch!
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