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  1. Thank you for your reply @ApeInSpace! Yes some more dynamics or even a calm part to give some contrast might work. But I'm actually planning on making it a bit shorter. Gotta see first if working on the dynamic can change it to the better though. About the libraries I used: Strings - Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 2 Brass - Cinesamples CineBrass 2 Harp - Cinesamples CineHarp Percussions - EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition / Cinesamples Drums of War 2 I'm actually looking to get some new libraries especially for percussions. But on strings I already switched to "Cinematic Strings 2".
  2. Thank you for your review @Monarcheon! Yes after reading your review I can agree that the intro is too loud. I was planning to remake some tracks because I got a different strings setup now. Might be worth the time to try this composition with new strings. Would rework the Intro and middle part as well then. Thank you again 🙂👍
  3. Hello everybody! So I wanted to make a new music video again but thought I'd get some comments about the song first. It's a bit older again so it's actually the first time I'm asking for feedback on this one. Without telling much I'll just throw in the song. Hope you can enjoy it 😊
  4. Oh, okay then I'm glad @Tónskáld😀😀 @Eirik Gisnås yeah I think you are right about the brass in the calmer parts. I will have a look at it to see how I set the strength of the horns and trombones. As far as I remember the trumpets enter when it starts to get louder again. I will also see how it sounds if I take down the dynamic of the part right before the break so I can get the last louder part as a final highlight. Myself I believe that the calmer part after the highlight doesn't need volume or dynamic adjustment, I think what's more important is the dynamic of the parts before. So I will have a look at it. That project is a few years old after all so there will be a lot of things I do differently by now which need some rework. Thank you for those advices 😄 will try to get the song into a better shape 😀 Thank you for your kind words @SilverWolf 😊 And you will hear a lot of me soon. Got so much stuff that I wanted to post here. Some of the finished ones are already on my Soundcloud 😎
  5. Great work! I really like it. I just think the song lacks a bit of fullness after 01:00 and the bass drum seems a bit thin. I guess you cut out a bit too much of the lower mid frequencies, maybe you could increase em again a little bit and solve it a bit that way. But I gotta add that I'm not doing a perfect job on that either so I might be wrong 😅 But as I said the bass drum could need some more power(kick) and bass. Besides all that I really like the dynamic, the length and the melody. Seriously good work on that 😃 Also almost forgot to ask... is that video footage from Star Citizen maybe? 😀
  6. Hi @Tónskáld. First of all thank you for reviewing my music (I tend to lose myself and write my pieces a bit too long 😅) Your review is really what I needed. Since I wrote the song I can't see/hear problems as clear as others. Now that you mentioned it I kinda agree that the brass chords at the beginning may be a bit too long (repeated too often). I'm gonna see if i can shorten it up a bit without killing the dynamic of that section. About the part in which the brass comes back along with the choir I actually aimed to focus on the brass again (bc they are playing the carrying melody) and use the choir to increase the fullness but I can certainly hear that the brass (here the horns and trumpets)are a bit too loud. I might also just reduce the higher notes there a bit (take down the volume of the trumpets). As you mentioned the cymbals as "an intense onslaught of crashing cymbals" I realized that they really are much too loud too (sorry that I put your ears under so much stress 😯) I will have a look at it soon cause I'm working on a few other projects rightnow. But thank you so much for taking your time and review it second for second 😀. You really helped me to see some problems!
  7. You used a really good setup @2deepadivot 😀 You wrote everything in Logic Pro then I guess. To be honest I'd recommend some other software for that cause I always feel like Logic Pro seems a bit weak for such kind of music... and so is Cubase. Though Logic Pro is the much better choice when it comes to those two 😄 . Pro Tools is used by a lot of composers and so is Ableton. Myself I use FLStudio because I'm using it already for a couple of years and switching to another software would be just a waste of time on my side. btw I use Audiobro LA Scoring Strings, Cinesamples Cinebrass, Toms from Tonehammer, FL Studio's synths, some percussions from EastWest and so on... I switched to orchestral music from Rock/Heavy-Metal so in that case we are quite similar 😃 Also that thing about the age... You can't be serious about that, are you?... There's nothing like a wrong group... I mean age doesn't matter in ANY way. Just keep on making your music, do what you love and have fun in life 😃 . There are only few things that are better than learning new stuff and sharing experience 😊 . The question is if you are okay with us "brats" around you 😅 So please don't think that you are wrong in this forum 😉 I can only talk for myself but I'm sure everybody else here thinks like me and welcomes you with wide opened arms 😊
  8. Hey @2deepadivot, I agree with @Markus Boyd - You really did a great job with that. I like the emotion of it... some kinda dark... such music always gives me a clear picture in my head for a scene in a movie or maybe even games. Really impressive actually. Much better than my first composition (never felt brave enough to post it 😂😂😂 ) What software did you use to write it? Also you should check out videos from Cinesamples. They got several videos that could help you on advancing much faster. https://cinesamples.com/videos there is a drop-down menu with different video categories. Also have a look at Spitfire Audio's YT. They got a lot of videos that show some tricks and ways to improve your writing skills.
  9. So here's another older piece I wrote some years ago which needs some feedback. Wanted to also add that I'm really bad with giving names but I think this name fits well 🤔 I hope you'll enjoy it 😁
  10. oh, okay. Well I guess I gotta find some great art then 😅
  11. Damn I gotta say that song is great 😀 totally loved the low brass. And yes I am using FLStudio. I never really thought about using the ZGameEditor, so thanks for that cause I'm using Adobe After Effects. I had much more vids on my YT with more effects and animations but i took them out to give my channel a new, fresh start. And, how do you do that with the background art? Do you ask the artist before or isn't that necessary when I credit him/her?
  12. Oh thank you very much @Busani 😄 I'm really trying to do my best but as I said above I'm really bad at doing my own marketing 😅
  13. Hi, my name is Tanju Demirhan. I'm new to the forum and thought I'd just introduce myself and show you one of my favorite compositions. I'm a selftaught componist, living in Antalya/TURKEY. Actually a guitarrist and certified educator of advanced guitar techniques. I'm writing music for a couple of years already but I never managed to reach many listeners or people that would want to use my music in production. Any feedback would be really nice since I'm trying to really get professional on that. For now - Thank you for listening 😁
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