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  1. So here's another older piece I wrote some years ago which needs some feedback. Wanted to also add that I'm really bad with giving names but I think this name fits well 🤔 I hope you'll enjoy it 😁
  2. oh, okay. Well I guess I gotta find some great art then 😅
  3. Damn I gotta say that song is great 😀 totally loved the low brass. And yes I am using FLStudio. I never really thought about using the ZGameEditor, so thanks for that cause I'm using Adobe After Effects. I had much more vids on my YT with more effects and animations but i took them out to give my channel a new, fresh start. And, how do you do that with the background art? Do you ask the artist before or isn't that necessary when I credit him/her?
  4. Oh thank you very much @Busani 😄 I'm really trying to do my best but as I said above I'm really bad at doing my own marketing 😅
  5. Hi, my name is Tanju Demirhan. I'm new to the forum and thought I'd just introduce myself and show you one of my favorite compositions. I'm a selftaught componist, living in Antalya/TURKEY. Actually a guitarrist and certified educator of advanced guitar techniques. I'm writing music for a couple of years already but I never managed to reach many listeners or people that would want to use my music in production. Any feedback would be really nice since I'm trying to really get professional on that. For now - Thank you for listening 😁
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