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    I have been composing sporadic since 2014. My computer is; i9-9900K. GTX 1080TI. 64 gig DDR4 3200 ram. Asus MAXIMUS XI motherboard. Windows 10. Nektar Impact LX88+
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    Custom PC builder and Support Tech
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    Philosophy, Theology, Technology, Physics, History, Music, Politics, Economics, Art, Astronomy
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    Vivaldi, Bach, Tallis, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky
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    Cubase 10.5. HALion Symphonic Orchestra. EastWest's Piano, Choral, Percussion, Hollywood and Symphonic Orchestra. 8Dio Majestic and Studio Percussion Orchestral.
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    Violin and Double Bass

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  1. This sounds wonderful. And you must be young for your mother to be only 50. I bet she had a great birthday with this piece of music.
  2. I like it. Some parts sound similar to the Shining theme. Which VSTs did you use for the brass?
  3. I was expecting a more morbid sound with a title like 'Antagonist'. But this will work. This is good.
  4. I think it sounds great. It definitely has a video game vibe. The ticking is reminiscent of the theme from Chrono Trigger.
  5. I was thinking of taking it up a scale or insert a previous melody. Please turn up volume to max but it gets a little loud at about :55 seconds.
  6. This sounds great in the context you described. It does have a hint of melancholy. But I suppose all romantic memories do.
  7. They could both be intros if you made the beginning a little more subtle and gradually add the 'attack'. I wouldn't use them as an ending due to their intensity.
  8. Thanks. I do not know where I was going with those. I agree, a transition will help.
  9. It sounds similar to James Horner Avatar and Alan Silverstri Abyss Theme. Good job.
  10. It does sound similar to Sibelius. I need to redo the beginning and various parts. After that part is ironed out. onto the next 60 seconds.
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