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    I have been composing sporadic since 2014. My computer is; i9-9900K. GTX 1080TI. 64 gig DDR4 3200 ram. Asus MAXIMUS XI motherboard. Windows 10. Nektar Impact LX88+
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    Custom PC builder and Support Tech
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    Philosophy, Theology, Technology, Physics, History, Music, Politics, Economics, Art, Astronomy
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    Vivaldi, Bach, Tallis, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Holst, Erik Satie
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    Cubase 10.5. HALion Symphonic Orchestra. VSL. EastWest's Piano, Choral, Percussion, Hollywood and Symphonic Orchestra. 8Dio Majestic and Studio Percussion Orchestral.
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    Violin and Double Bass

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  1. I like the subtle beginning. You did a good job of translating it to the louder melody. Unexpected but nice. I would follow Celloman99's and Jean Szulc's advice.
  2. I'm still making minor revisions to this. I am not sure if I should stop on this.
  3. I wish I could add more, but this is exactly what this song would sound like without vocals. Great job.
  4. If it is something you are interested in, go to your local college and see if people are looking for composers. I am sure there are many singers yearning to have a composer behind them.
  5. Joshua Bell -This is the best solo violin VST I've found. I am waiting for it to go on sale. Also, Tina Guo makes a good solo cello. I do not know of any viola or double bass vsts -aside from the one's from VSL and EastWest. But I am sure they're out there! Take a listen to the Joshua Bell link. It sounds amazing. https://www.embertone.com/instruments/joshuabellviolin.php https://cinesamples.com/product/tina-guo-vol-2
  6. It sounds like an intense piece of a soundtrack. How long did it take you to create?
  7. I like EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Strings. You can buy the entire orchestra on sale for about $300. http://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-orchestra
  8. The VST is from VSL Strings or East West Symphonic Strings. I forgot which one. Thank you. I was feeling depressed when I thought of it.
  9. This is very good. I think they both sound like instrumental tracks to songs by 'The Smiths'. I could almost hear Morrissey.
  10. I couldn't think of a name so I only put the date.
  11. This sounds wonderful. And you must be young for your mother to be only 50. I bet she had a great birthday with this piece of music.
  12. I like it. Some parts sound similar to the Shining theme. Which VSTs did you use for the brass?
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