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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback. It was very valuable for me. I think that any scale can't make a composition more monotonic or more interesting. It is depended from the author's composition skills only. If somebody can't use some composer technique well he can't write a good music with any scale, form or orchestra. I thought about the octatonic scale when I wrote this poem. However I decided don't use it because it reminds classical compositions very much. Maybe I was mistaken but I wanted to avoid the methods of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov or other famous composers. Also I wanted to create a mood somewhere between real and fantastic. The listeners have to decide themselves is it a real ghosts or just playing of shadows and their imagines. I can't translate into English the moods of the lyrics fully. But I tried to transfer it to music as I could. Excuse me, please, if I said something wrong or incomprehensible.
  2. Everyone has own personal imagines about good music structures. If you are sure that you have done everything right in this piece you of course can leave it as is. Sometimes listeners perceive new forms wrong. My opinion was just my opinion.
  3. Is the part finished? I think it is too short. Beginning was very interesting and beautiful. I expected that now will be started a theme. I waited for a melody, but it didn't begin. Instead of it you shown a new tune which sounded like a scherzo. It was very strange and unprepared. The second tune also was very short and didn't have any development. Yes, you created nice harmonies and interesting orchestration. However your composition is looking empty (excuse me for my English). Empty because it has a beginning and an ending but it doesn't have the main part with themes. You called the piece "Serenade". This name immediately makes listeners to remembr vocal music or instrumental compositions in vocal style. I'd enlarge it by adding a medium part. Excuse me please, if my words sounded rude. I didn't want it. With respect, Alex
  4. It was more interesting than I thought when was reading your explain for this composition. Here you shown an interesting journey along different music styles and periods. As for me the most difficult thing in such work is connection a number of unsimilar contrast fragments into a single opus. You have done this challenge well. Your waltz is bright and interesting from beginning to ending.
  5. I like it. Pentatonic makes the coloring of the piece some exotic. The most interesting as for me was the transitions between 4/4 and 6/8. You excellent have done them. These measures are very different and it is difficult to connect such unsimilar parts.
  6. I very like your themes. Your melodies are expressive and interesting. As another speakers I think that in this waltz there is a perceptible impact of Chopin's style. However I don't think that it is a flaw. The composition is beautiful and this is the main thing. Single matter I would like ask is an episode in 4/4. I didn't understand it. What was it for? What did you want to say with it? The measure 4/4 is very strange for waltzes. At last that fragment is too short compared another parts. It surprises listeners and asks questions but doesn't answer them. I didn't want to say that it was a flaw. I just think that the episode in 4/4 makes your composition more similar to a ballade or a poem. Or maybe your composition has a program.
  7. It was very interesting and nice. I like the melodies and structure of it. And I'm glad that contemporary authors are still remembering that music has to be beautiful. Very well done.
  8. What a cute composition! I really enjoyed. You have written a very interesting and nice music. The melody is expressive, the construction is clear and logical. I would like to listen to another your things.
  9. I'm intrigued by your remarks about this composition. The thing with a name "Lighthouse" and which was inspired by Russian authors immediately hints that it has a program. Am I right? Does it have a programme? The music is interesting. Some fragments really reminds Russian melodies and harmonies. Thems are nice and expressive. The form is logical and holistic. Well done.
  10. I very like this your composition. It's incredibly that you are able to create such music without professional education. I think the strongest side of your opus is a beautiful melody. It is very expressive and memorable. Orchestration is easy but very suitable for this emotion. The single question I would ask - why did you call it "Sonata"? Sonata and suite are cyclick janres. Moreover "Sonata" is a chamber music. Maybe the name 'poem' for this composition would be better?
  11. As for me this fragment is too short. Because of it I think that it is still too early to say about is it a dull one or interesting. You should finish it.
  12. Thank you very much! I'm glad that you like it.
  13. I have listened to your Nocturne. I think your composition has many good qualities. The main of them is a beautiful and expressive melody. Structure is also logical and clear. As for me it is good. However I think the transition from the medium episode to the reprise sounds some strange and unprepared. The accord "Am" is seems not excellent. Excuse me, please, if these my words sounded rude. I didn't want it. And the last moment (if you will allow). Yes, you are right, the style of Chopin is recognizable here. If it was your goal you completely reached it. However I have never been able to understand for what to imitate strange styles before mastering the own one. I think you are very talented. Your own style (I guess) will be very bright and interesting. I wish you to reach success and to write a lot of good compositions. P.S. I'm sorry for my English.
  14. I hope you will excuse me for my words. I think your concerto is interesting and well done. Your professional level is enough high. Because of it, you should look for your own style. Rachmaninoff's music is very beautiful, but the style of this composer is very bright and recognizable. Besides every classical composer always stronger that all his imitators. I wish you to reach success. You are very talanted.
  15. Beginning of the piece 3 was interesting. However a structure of the composition as for me was strange. I waited that first theme will be repeated on ending (as a structure ABA). But maybe I just too accustomed classical forms. Anyway your cycle is nice. How many parts does it have?
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