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  1. Thank you very much! appreciate your comment 🙂
  2. Hello, I'm a uni student composing pieces that had certain significance in my life. I tried my best to encapsulate the emotions and feelings that has been inspired by a certain event. The following is a brief paragraph that I wrote on my Youtube channel for this song: “Alongside” is an original composition that I have decided to release to give a taster of the two projects (or albums) that I’m currently working on - just as a hobby. Although the progress will be very slow due to studying full time at Uni, I’m hoping to finish one project each year starting from 2019. The first album will be based on my own personal life of growing up as the child of an immigrant family. The second album will be based on the life of an individual suffering from mental illnesses. Alongside is one of the very last songs of the second album, and it captures what empathy, encouragement and comforting words sound like to the individual that is trudging through a very dark period of their life. It's uploaded on Spotify and Apple music for those that are interested! Hope you like it 🙂 Josh.
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