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  1. Hey all, I finished a rough draft of a work and need feedback on its orchestration, playing techniques, etc. I will adjust any notational errors later as I have not proofread the work yet. Any general advice/feedback is great, as the form of the song is set in stone. Thanks!
  2. Hey there, had a quick notational question: I noticed that some composer put beams over rests, like the image I attached. Is this a useful/preferred technique, or is it completely personal preference to the composer? Thanks a lot!
  3. Just a quick remark on flute range. Flutes can of course play low, however, it is difficult to hear them under the orchestral texture even if everyone is playing piano, and it is difficult to produce sounds in those lower registers. Also, Sibelius' instrument ranges can be "off"; for example, oboes can play a D6, however it is more difficult to produce a consistent good sound compared to a flute.
  4. This is a piece I recently submitted to a youth symphony orchestra competition. It is supposed to be geared towards a grade 3 level. Let me know if you would make any revisions or changes!
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