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  1. Is fun how you just started you comment in spanish and then all is in english xd. Yes, I know there could be some variation, but in that time I was just strugling to get a good sounding piece xd, If compose a waltz again I'll take in coun that. Thanks for your comment :3.
  2. Well, this was my very first composition, I composed this when I was 14 and about to turn 15, I called this "waltz of the 13 days" or "vals de los 13 dias" in spanish, because I composed this in 13 days. When I first started hearing "classical" music, I liked a lo beethoven's sonata no.14, since it is in C# minor, it became my very favorite key since then, and also that's why my first composition is in such a "difficult key". In this composition I used the same harmonic scheme that pachelbel's canon in D major (I, V, VIm, IIIm,IV, I,) but transposed to C# minor. and adding a dominant before the tonic to avoid that plagal cadence (Im, V, bVI, bIII,IVm, V, Im) you'll see some asymmetric phrasing, constant modulations and a lot of sequencing in this composition. any comments are apreciated :3 , would be good if everyone post they very first composition.
  3. actually you are right, you can write polymeter using irregular time signatures like, 5/8, 5/4. 7/8, 8/8, 9/8, 11/16, and even some compound time signatures like 3+3+2/8 which is very common in a lot of dances.
  4. 1.Yes, sounds a little epic, reminds me a soundstrack that would be in an adventure movie. 2.Well it make me feel a little curious about the history behind. 3.Yes, sounds a little amateur in the first seconds, because the structure lacks of any buildup it just goes to his maximum point in no time, just a timpani rol as a build up, for ME isn't enough, so it makes it lose some momentum. 4. I actually did like 3 times xd. 5. Totally that's what I just imagine with this, adventure, mistery and that kind of things xd. Also I had to answer, what DAW do you use? and which plugins? they sounds really good.
  5. Doesn't feel like polymeter for me, because the bass and the melody together play all the 4 beats of a 4/4. Just the 3rd beat accent is syncopated in almost all the melody, but it plays in the bass so, there is not any problem. but also, those rythms aren't common in a 4/4, so maybe it should be written as a 8/8. The melody would be a 6+2 most of the time and the bass a 2+2+4 which would be a irregular time signature which isn't ternary and isnt binary.
  6. It is synthesia, It's a very popular midi player which is used to make "tutorials" for people who can't read music.
  7. In some parts I just followed the bass, in this piece I used a chromatic bass. in measure 16 you are right, I forgot the dotter crotchet rest.
  8. Thanks for your comment :3, Maybe I'll developt this a little further some day.
  9. Well I liked it, I'm pretty bad at multiple instrument writting so I don't think I could say anything of help. I will just give you a like :3
  10. You mean this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI6jZ8muDtU Maybe is because of the triplet motive.
  11. Tortualex


    Very interesting idea, is like the same concept from trance music but in a smaller scale. Would be interesting to make a full piece out of this.
  12. Oh thanks :3, well actually this is like attemp 1.3 because I have recomposed this 2 times. And about the chords, like I said, the analysis was very rough so I did not write inversions at all. By C3 I mean a C with just the major third.
  13. I liked a lot the build up that starts in measure 10. Measure 13 to 15 seems a bit out of place, at least for me the harmony and rythms sounds very wierd. The entrance of new material keeps it fresh. Good work :3.
  14. So, I have finished my first minuet and trio for solo piano. Hope you like it :3. I added an harmonic analysis (very roughly). Any comments are apreciated :3. Almost all the minuet is based on this motive.
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