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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is a deconstruction of a theme? I'm not familiar with the term...
  2. Hi everyone, So I was listening to an unused song from the game Tomodachi Life, titled 'Failure'. This piano piece has a lot of dissonance, for sure, but I'm not sure what makes it so unsettling. Is anybody skilled in counterpoint to help me understand why this is the case? Unfortunately, there is no score, so perfect pitch might be helpful. I'd love to figure this out to incorporate in my own compositions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL1jVh8-Knc&list=PLV8_etW2TAgoSzFyWR-2impnnnYKHQNOg&index=4
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I got a bit lazy with the left hand! XD And yes, when I played some of this on a real piano, I changed the pedal three times a measure, as opposed to once. I'll have to go and add it back in. I appreciate the feedback! :3
  4. This is one of my longer works; just finished it today, so yay! I could really used some feedback for future versions, though. The formatting is also a little suspect, as are the harmonies, perhaps. I was going for an Impressionistic style. It is inspired by the journey of the Christian faith.
  5. Now that you point it out, there is a lot of conflict in the chords. I'm not very experienced with writing for multiple instruments, so that resulted in some tinkering. I'll be sure to ponder this in future compositions. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. I wrote this a while back - the dissonance is somewhat intentional, but also I don't know if it needs some help. Thoughts? I was going for a Satie-esque vibe. Also, there is no bowing in the parts yet, if that confuses anyone XD. I have attached the score, the Musecore soundfonts with quartet, and the piece with all instruments set to the piano for listening to harmonies.
  7. I really like the duple-vs-triple that you incorporated between the two hands! You might want to consider expanding the piece, though - it's over very quickly. However, the harmonies are really nice - I love the resolution in m.6. Great work!
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