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    Hi! I am a young composer, Christian, and the oldest of 4 kids. Music and friends are my outlets, I am currently trying to compose a song and am having trouble coming up with a tune. If anyone has any ideas, I'm open! I'd also like to meet new people on this website. I like to write singer/songwriter pieces, and sometimes no words.
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    Music, Photography
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    With Feeling, Contemporary
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    Piano, tiny bit of Guitar.

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  1. I like it. It sounded like you started playing more at the end but it stopped. Are you planning to upload the rest of the piece?
  2. I felt like the piece sounded better when you added the harmony both up and down on the keyboard. Otherwise I felt like the melody was missing something. But that's just my thought.
  3. That's beautiful! I felt like all the instruments flowed together well through most of the song. Charissa
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