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  1. It's clearly very similar in terms of style compared with the first. Absolutely love from 54 to 61, that's just perfect beatifull to my hears!
  2. Has a great environment sense of music, but for me in this style it lacks a bit of gluing the melody and the drums seem a bit of some of the times, but overall I would be surprised if this was in a movie or video game! Congrats
  3. I liked it, it was invulgar but I liked the tone!
  4. Thank you for all the kind comments and appreciate a lot your feedback, thank you! Stay safe and good compositions!
  5. Hello, I bring you again a new modern music solo piano, it was inspired on the fallen British soldiers fo the WW2. Feedback always appreciated Stay safe!
  6. Wow, this is very good in terms of technical aspects, the two voices are very well connected in my opinion, the whole music makes sense within it. I just cant figure out exactly what is this style, I see a bit of tchaikovsky maybe and russian romantic music overrall? I liked a lot congrats
  7. No doubt one of the most innovative works around here, liked a lot to hear!!
  8. I loved it!! Brilliant, liked a lot, it was fun dynamic and very solid music. The only thing I would maybe change would be the end, it felt like a dry and empty chord, but at the same time it makes sense in a minimalistic framework, so it's ok I think! Congrats
  9. Hello, thanks for the complement and yes I agree, the structure is weak, I am still improving this new style so I will work on that. Also the dynamics are present but in a very short window of time, I will also correct that as I see the problem now, trying to make them more natural. I appreciate a lot your feedback! Stay safe
  10. There are no mistakes in music, that's very subjective, it really depends on what you intend to do and I don't see any mistakes here. Technically this is a good piece, but it's not your style, it's mozart/beethoven style and they have already perfected it. I like when people write in their own style, it's always fun and interesting and so if you have other music that is more of your style, please share I would absolutely love to hear, even if you think it's not "perfect". And It's just my opinion and I am no expert. if you don't agree just scroll and ignore this forum, don't take it personally.
  11. I mean, technically it's ok I guess, but sorry for being sincere, I think this symphony is too much a copy of later classical works. I mean, if that was the purpose, it's good and has a nice modern touch, but it lacks some inovation I guess. Im no expert though and liked a lot to hear it all!!
  12. The counterpoint sounds actually pretty good, Im no expert though! The "sonate" is very short so I don't hear a lot going on there but the etude and this small counterpoint seem a very good starting point, in my opinion of course.
  13. I agree with monas, The second part is more enjoyable and makes more sense as in a battle theme, but it has a nice harmonic construction overall.
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