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  1. Thanks for listening. PDF is added, but still working on dynamics. And that section was really inspired from an example (see attached image) when working with the circle of fifths progression. I wasn’t quite familiar with Handel’s passacaglia until just now when I heard it (I do see some similarities).
  2. A flute solo accompanied by wind ensemble themes include: Battlefront Fanfare (intro & fanfare) Within Royal Halls (Baroque section) God’s Garden (ballad & ending)
  3. First, thank you for listening and commenting down. It really does help. I’ve done a lot of revisions with this (from the instrumentation down to the notation) @maestrowick What you suggested was mainly all the points I had to revise. Though, it is still a work in progress, the full score does look a bit easier to follow now. Thank you all again, -SP
  4. The whole concept is a great start. Is this just for strings? Because you might be able to add some wind parts in there (if you are going for a true orchestra format). The chorale in the beginning could use some woodwinds (give them the main theme like what piano has) and then when you go into the section with all of the moving parts, (again have the woodwinds play those fast notes) and add long tones from the brass to keep the harmony going. You can even alter the harmony (change the chord progression of the long tones a bit) and not have to worry about changing any of the moving parts as long as the sustained tones flow well.
  5. This is a great arrangement. I wasn’t familiar with this piece so I listened to the original version and then yours. At 0:38 (piano solo?) it’s a great little riff from the piano but if the size of the ensemble is indeed for a concert band, I think it would be best if multiple parts played it; maybe give this riff to some flutes/upper clarinets so that the part can be heard otherwise it might barely noticeable to the ear when a real ensemble performs it. Software recordings vs a “live” band setting are two total different things. But overall, it is a pretty good arrangement for a concert band. For transcribing lyrics to actual music instruments, to me, it’s a bit tough since vocals can do things instruments can’t do and vis versa. Your approach to it is pretty good by the way. I also don’t know how to delete posts on here too, so you’re ok.
  6. I like the piano part in the background. I could follow your form through the lyrics. (I could identify the chorus, verse, etc.) short and simple song indeed. There were some parts in the lyrics that questioned me, like the part you said “I’ll even make sure to use exclamation points” (without the punctuation; I understood the pun) but it didn’t quite fit with the song itself. To other people that listened to it, it might sound like he’s singing the whole song in one tone, but there are phrases in there that occasionally changes pitch, it’s just subtle. If anything, I would add more emotion, emphasis, and “notes” on the lyrics.
  7. Thanks for listening and thank you for the feedback. It is greatly appreciative of you. I will be sure to work more on "watering down" the difficulty for the piece. Thank you again.
  8. Mirrorscape is a jazz ballad for an advanced high school or college level jazz ensemble (grade 4+). It brings out the lushness of timbre and an energetic working double-time section. Tenor saxophone and trumpet are featured here bringing beautiful tone colors to the mix.
  9. an arrangement for jazz band from the band: Trapt Headstrong is one of the singles from the "Trapt" back from 2002 To me, this is an iconic song that has been featured in many games I used to play in my early childhood years. This classic rock song is taken directly from the original track along with an added solo section for the trumpets to stand out and show off their skills and not to also mention the short genre change from hard rock to a Latin style. Let me know what you think of this arrangement (preferably for a high school jazz band group) https://soundcloud.com/user859741024/headstrong-by-trapt-jazz-band
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