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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for the advice. As Jean said, as the scores were for a soundtrack, some of the pieces needed to be extended. While some were simple enough that would be looped, others were supposed to last between 2 and 3 minutes, while my original scores would last around a minute, 90 seconds at max. I've been reviewing all of my "finished" themes to see what I can do in other themes to make them longer. Again, now I'm worried that this will just make all my scores feel the same, but I'm putting in all my efforts to make sure it doesn't happen. When I finish, I will upload it to this website and see your opinions. Have a nice day! c:
  2. Hey thanks for your tips! I felt like, even if nothing's truly original, my scores were too close to copying others, but I will take your advice and work on the parts of my music that truly feel "unique" and see if with some effort I can improve on my own work. Hope you have a nice day 😄
  3. hello! I don't know if you're looking to do it by hand, or if you want to do it on a score, but what helps me add chords when I wanna make a melody a bit prettier, is to write it out on MuseScore (or any other score-writing software) so I can edit it out easily and see how it sounds.
  4. Hello! It's my first post here, I hope I'll find this community comfortable to stay 😄 So, I am a very amateur composer, I have a lot of "experience" with music, since all my life I've been listening to and playing instruments, my father is a songwriter and singer, my brother is a videogame composer, and I've always been quite interested in music. Recently, after meddling in MuseScore for a few months, I got the chance to write some music for some indie, new amateur game developers, and while they absolutely loved my compositions (even though I, myself, think they are quite mediocre) they did notice that they were quite short, and I would need to extend them a bit. Now, I am no expert composer, and while I always try to make up my music off the top of my head, it's unavoidable to look to inspiration (for me, Martin O'Donnell and Yoko Shimomura are the ones), but when I try to extend those scores, I realise that it always ends up sounding like music from other composers, instead of something original made by myself. I've been blocked because of this issue, because no matter how much I wait, or how much I focus I can't seem to extend those pieces without falling back into what has already been done by professionals. Don't get me wrong, I know that making something 100% original is very difficult, but most of the time it's really easy to see that the music I make sounds very similar to those other pieces, and I feel like I should be able to do better. What can I do to help make my scores sound a bit more unique? I have been blocked for quite some time now 😕 Thanks in advance!
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