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    Thoughts and experiences are one's creative fodder.

    I'm a traditional and digital artist with skills in 2D animation, as well as a pianist and electronic music producer working as an indie game composer.

    Sometimes I'll be writing bits of poetry and outlining my internal world through story-writing.

    I may consider myself as an aspiring artist and musician, but first and foremost, I'm another creator envisioning a solace to be soldered.
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    Lead Artist & Composer
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    Introspection, Casual Debate, and Spaaaaaaaaace (Astrophysics & Astronomy)
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    Nhato, Taishi/Compllege, Frums, Emma Essex
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    FL Studio 20
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  1. hmm, not too bad. i would probably suggest some dynamics in volume for little percussive bits like the hats, especially near the beginning. interesting style for 0:25 onwards, but i do like what you did with the bass at around moments like 0:17.
  2. pretty lovely. it seemed as if it'd be primarily a calm piece, but it gradually progressed into something more... weighty? ...and as it slowly progressed, it really grew on me. it seemed as if it progresses with you, even, in a very natural sort of way. so, ehm, yeah. incredibly satisfying. would love to see more like this.
  3. overall, pretty great. i'm impressed by the progressions, what was initially just a bass rhythm seemed to end up being a very nice fundamental motif sprinkled around the composition, and yet it expanded in some nice ways through other strings. i'd probably say certain sections like 1:06 though 1:13 (nice way to peek that motif in, by the way!), as well as 2:20 through 2:35 were especially pretty appealing.
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