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  1. Haha yeah well it depends very much on your taste. I enjoy quite a lot expectant music that has loops and a dramatic ending. And I agree with you, it is a strange combination. But I feel not in an "experimental" way.
  2. I truly can't hear the samba. Trying to picture it tho
  3. This song is the only instrumental of this band. I think it is pretty great! Really somber and intriguing and in the end immersive
  4. Very bubblegum! I can totally hear some japanese or swedish vocals
  5. ShepBranson


    Sounds good. "Simple" yet effective
  6. I like it. But I feel that there is no dialogue. I mean, they fit together. The guitar stays at the same volume and level throughout the entire piece and there's no "climax"
  7. I feel the same way. It is bluesy but leaning more towards pop
  8. But I consider it a great possible soundtrack. I'd imagine it on a David Fincher film. Expectant, decisive and strong.
  9. I think it has more of a James Bond vibe if you take out the vocal chorus. It is great!
  10. Vocals are extremely automated. I don't know if that was the intention... But for this kind of pieces I like to hear or more reverb or more warmth
  11. If you want the winds to be the main voice (which it is) I recommend mixing it more in front. You are overlapping...
  12. I like it! I think that with lyrics and vocals it would make a great bolero song. And this instrumental version is more of a soundtrack.
  13. I felt the first phrase was very Harry Potter like. I dunno why... But the rest of the piece has that GoT vibe all te way. Big GoT fan over here! Ramin Djawadi makes beautiful dialogues between characters
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