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  1. Hi! This isn't really a music-related question, but I like your username 😊I'm a treehugger 

  2. Hi everybody! This isn't exactly a music question- That is, it has a lot to do with music, but not music itself. I need some advice from people who have gone to college for guitar/music in general. I love music, but I'm not as, say, connected to it as some people I know are. So as much as I love it, I need your advice, since I love to do a lot of other stuff, like dance, sing, do art, and other stuff, since I know you probably have other hobbies too. Is music something you would choose for going to college for, or would you have chosen something else? I know this is a totally strange and difficult question, and I apologize if it is! 😂 Anyways, I'm still a kid, so I have a couple years to think about it! -Viva
  3. MP3 Play / pause listening lisening practicd - 1:12:20, 2.43 PM 0:22 4:24 volume > next menu listening lisening practicd - 1:12:20, 2.43 PM > next Wow! This is really good. I like your voice! It sounds mostly pop, but slightly rock too. There's a lot of songs of mine I'm not sure what genre they are! But good job!! 😃
  4. Hm. I never really thought of that! 😃 Usually I would think not having a deadline and letting the ideas come naturally would be the best, but I'm open to anything if it stops my writing block! Thanks for the advice 🙂
  5. That's a really good idea! I'll have to try it.
  6. That's actually really true. I find myself using very similar chord patterns, or writing songs about nearly the same things! Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll just have to wait 😀
  8. Hi everyone! I really like writing songs, but recently I've felt like my creativity has washed away with the many simple songs I've written. Sometimes it's lyrics, sometimes melodies, sometimes chord patterns; I just can't think of anything new. Does anybody have any advice for me, like anything they do to find more inspiration? I've tried nature, singing what comes to my mind, and mostly doodling. (I have a very bad habit of drawing on everything!) Any other ideas for inspiration?
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