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  1. I like the lead at 1:10 minute and the lick at 1:16 i think at 1:23 it would be sweet if you went back into a modified version of the lead up and then back into the lick one more time. Wouldn't affect the next section since you have a break and movement change.
  2. Please check out original orchestral score. Utilizes full orchestra and also features a modern drum kit. Any feedback is appreciated! Subscribe to the channel if you would like to hear other tracks as I create them!
  3. Sounds great! Must be amazing to here a live band play your music. I think a shaker or similar percussion would sound nice for the section from 3:01 to 3:20. Congrats on the excellent score
  4. Hello everyone, I am eager to join the forums and check out everyone else's work! I just posted my first original orchestral track, Protector of Light on Youtube. Please take a listen and provide feedback! This utilizes orchestral sample libraries only, but I plan to incorporate live recorded instruments into future works. If anyone likes the music, please subscribe. I have many more songs in the works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsPGNgYxtuI&feature=youtu.be Kind Regards, StarCrypt
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