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  1. This is a prelude I am working on, and haven't finished yet. I hope you give me ideas to complete it.
  2. A prelude I have composed yesterday. I hope you like it!
  3. I did that using a notation software; MuseScore. There is an option for notating microtones, and a plugin you can download to get playback. I made use of Arabic maqams (special scales) that contain microtones.
  4. Thank you! Yes, I am a self-educated composer. This is the score.
  5. This is a prelude I have composed. I hope you like it!
  6. Thank you! I think it has to be performed using two pianos; maybe with slowing it down a little.
  7. This is a short piano piece I have composed using microtones. I hope you like it!
  8. Hi, I am from Syria and I'm 19 years old. This is a short solo piano piece I have composed. I hope you listen to it and give me your opinion!
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