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  1. I like bass walking very much. The passage to the soprano part later was also nice. I'll probably listen again later. congrats.
  2. nice. You can make arpeggio and chromatic advances more melodic. Piano accompaniment may be good because there are no double voices etc. articulations. (it may make it difficult to listen for a long time.) nice permormance ,congrats.
  3. nice. sounds sound traditional, like a different mode. A4 = 415? If you add, I want to take a look at the score.
  4. two violins are not what I was looking for. Two violins have no limits (compared to a single violin). my intention is to achieve this in solo.
  5. thank you for feedback. The violin is hard to write polyphonic, some things need to be renunciation for. I think I need to improve a little more
  6. I did not get any feedback in the forums I posted. Frankly I was wondering if it was a failed attempt. I want to ask a simple question, my aim in this work was to use the Violin as polyphonic, did I succeed? Does it sound polyphonic? Or does it dominate a mess?
  7. hello guliem, i like your melody and motifs. (I listened to your previous works) I cannot review, I am not competent in this regard, but I can say that your orchestration is successful and your melody are interesting.
  8. Hello there. I am waiting for all your thoughts and criticisms about the violin sonata that I wrote. thanks
  9. very nice. Which mode did you use at 0:14, 0:56?
  10. Thank you for listening and commenting. You're right, it was a little contradictory.
  11. Thank you for listening and commenting. I want to listen to him when he finishes composing.
  12. Hi, I wrote a quartet of four short movements. I want to know your thoughts and criticism.I know the sound is bad, sorry for that. I. Andante 0:00 II. Allegro 2:06 III. Andante 3:40 IV. Allegro 5:49
  13. thathanks for feedback. I will try what you say.
  14. I do not know english. I use translation for what you write. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. thanks for your constructive comment.
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