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  1. Nice subject! Im liking it! I also like the length of it as well. Its long enough to give the listener an adventure, but its not drawing itself out.
  2. I like how it sounds! The tempo and mood fits nicely. I think as far as form goes, you could probably turn it into a minuet and trio. By creating a C section following the second part and then after the C you could go back to the A section to end it. I too feel like it should go back and maybe end on that first half.
  3. Hey all! Here will be my first post of one of my full pieces. Im still in the learning stages and I feel that this is my best so far. It feedback is welcomed I am still trying to improve. Thanks!
  4. These preludes sound great! I really like the contrast in character between the preludes. I think im liking No. 2 the best.I really like the character of No 4 as well! What other ideas do you plan for the other preludes? I would love to hear what you come up with!
  5. Nice! Very Chopin-like. Im liking the harmonies that you are using. I think that going into a chorale like thing after that would be cool, and have a nice contrast with the arpeggiated figures that starts it off
  6. Hey, so im new here, and I am trying to become more consistent with my composing, as well as putting things out there for feedback. Right now I have been trying to focus on form and composing more structured ideas. Im am going through Alan Belkins Musical composition book, and I have come to the chapter dealing with Sonata form. Here is theme Idea I came up with and I was wondering does it sound like a solid theme to build off of. How could I improve upon it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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