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  1. That's what i thought however when i do this i tend to get pretty lazy with the harmony, and it stays kinda bland. So the trade off is i get better melody but my harmony is weaker
  2. HI so the title is the question, i wanted to ask this as im kinda confused on what to do sometimes with the harmony.
  3. I liked the harmony of the piece, however a quick note, during the flute soli you should put the flutes in the upper register, having the flutes playing in the mid register takes away from the brilliance and tone they posses in the upper register, obviously this is not a set in stone rule, but many composers choose to do so.
  4. I wanted to ask if any one uses expressive in the playback settings and what reverb setting they use, I've played around a bit, and i found that meccanico and concert hall are the best sounding, anyone have any other suggestions?
  5. My question is how to create a piece that flows well? Even if you use a template like sonata form, the piece might not flow well, and i have a problem with this, maybe its due to me making stuff up on the spot. Does anyone have any advice?
  6. I recommend you take a look at Saint-saens carnival of the animals, and how he uses orchestration and musicality to portray certain animals, that's one route you can take. you can also make each wether have a certain motif and build on them, and combine them together, either way.
  7. Thank you for the reply, ironically i am a piano player, but i struggled with the piano the most in this piece, i found it hard to really bring out the melodic nature of it when accompanied with the cello and oboe, that is something i need to work on for sure.
  8. This is a piece i made in my free time, i was experimenting with different instruments and forms, as such it's more of an educational composition. Any critique feedback appreciated. youtube link:
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