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  1. I agree with your first reply. I had a teacher I played a song for early on in college, around 2012. I thought the progression was awesome, leading into the chorus by a tritone, and his reaction was "Yeah, that's pretty standard..." I didn't react so well because I always had a strong desire to be original. Now I realize it just got in the way of appreciating what was there I also realize now that the chord progression in "Three Times A Lady" has a tritone leap that cannot be beat! I can share this song I wrote if you want. I love melancholic tunes as well. Speaking of the singular genius of Brian Wilson, "Don't Talk Put Your Head On My Shoulder" comes to mind. I hadn't heard "All By Myself" in awhile and I never noticed how much I like the five or so chords that lead into the chorus, very cool prechorus and a long way from the relatively dry prechorus of "Heartlight" (speaking of E.T. and Burt Bacharach) whose prechorus is simply two drum beats... bum! bum! 😄 But hey, it works!
  2. Nice work, I like the arrangement and the melody is very clear and is tastefully done. Your verses’ chord sequence has been used in off the top of my head two great songs: Most notably it is used in Stevie Wonder’s “Someday At Christmas.” You should look up the song “Out Of The Question” by Gilbert O’Sullivan, that one uses it too, an awesome song. Edit: I’m listening right now to a piece by Borodin called “In The Steppes of Central Asia.” The melody enters around a minute into the piece with the same descending harmonic concept behind it! Check it out! It is truly wild that I would find this immediately after talking about it in 70s pop. It’s not like you hear this harmonic progression every day in concert music pre-20th century! The point is that great composers have used it and loved it going on hundreds of years. 😁
  3. You have a natural feeling for harmonic progression. This is a great piece.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I definitely want a PC--I have been looking at Dell. Dell has an XPS 17" laptop coming out this Summer with 64 GB RAM and a 10th gen i9 processor--my other option is the Precision desktop with a slightly better processor--not sure. You said you never needed much processing power. Have you ever put your machine to the test with heavier libraries? There are many guides I have found online for composers regarding which samples/software/DAWs, but not much info on specific hardware requirements.
  5. I am in the market for a new PC desktop/laptop. I would like to use East West Composers' Cloud and the Play engine. A friend of mine told me the Play engine takes quite a significant time to load samples even on his 2018 iMac with 64 GB. Is it necessary for me to spend $5000 on a desktop with a top of the line Xeon Gold 18-core processor and 128 GB RAM to use the Play engine effectively? Or should I be able to find very convincing and beautiful sample libraries and run them seamlessly without spending that much? Any advice, thanks!
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