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  1. Thanks for your feedback! I wanted to use an irish flute at first, but i have a draft for another score with this instrument, and i don't want to overuse it. But a solo violine, that's a good idea. I had one at the beginning, but only to give a little clue for the main theme. I have to admit that the ending was like: "ok let's get this over with". Shame on me. 😉 Thank you for your comment. 🙂
  2. Hey there, since i am new to this forum: a big hello to everyone. 😉 After several years i went back to my keyboard and DAW, and this is the result. I got the idea for this piece while reading a fantasy book, set in the fictionious world of "Aventurien". The main character, a seaman named Asleif Phileasson - also known as the "Foggwulf" - goes on a perilous adventure. I pictured him and his crew, sailing through the dangerous sea. And then i had this main theme in my mind, which was the starting point for building this track. This is a classic orchestral piece, no synths or sound effects. I wasn't sure about posting it in this section of the forum, or in "Orchestral and Large Ensemble", but since it is more the film/videogame type of score, i thought it would be better here. This was made with Cubase and the Hollywood Instrument Libraries of EastWest. So, let me know what you think. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks! 🙂
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