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    I turned off autoplay for now. Let's see if this change is receptive.

    I see what you are saying. Unfortunately I only know how to enable/disable autoplay globally. So the only way to fix this issue is to simply shut off autoplay, and I am not sure if this is desired.
  3. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

    Uh oh, this indicates your browser can't handle html5. And I thought that this defaulted to flash, but this proves that it doesn't. Is your browser up to date? I might have to eventually just use a flash player only if this remains a problem for some people. But I'm still not sure if flash is the way of the future, it doesn't seem to be...
  4. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

    The player is buggy with certain browsers I think. But I am not sure if there is a player out there that can work with all browsers. If the mp3 can't play, please try on firefox if you have the means to do so. If it still doesn't play, this could be a problem isolated to your computer. Maybe try clearing out cache, or restarting your PC.
  5. Cannot see MP3 or PDF

    This issue should now be resolved. Can you all please confirm? Sorry about that!
  6. Do you get the same issues with other browsers? I'm wondering if this is a security or browser issue. We recently applied SSL to the entire site, I don't know if this would have anything to do with the issues you are getting though.
  7. I don't have this problem on my test account. Does anyone else have this issue? When you click on this link, are you still getting this error? Personal Messenger
  8. XML Uploading

    Honestly, I just didn't think of it and no one requested it as of yet. But since you are the first requester, I allowed the extension to be uploaded just for you!
  9. There was an Invision Board update, and apparently that also meant a theme update as well. The mp3 player initially broke, but I fixed that today. I hope you can try and get used to this, I personally think the update makes the theme look a bit more modern.
  10. Collaboration Reboot

    Not at all, you compose when you can! I just need at least one more volunteer for this to work! @Monarcheon the Mac version will come one day I hope!
  11. I think the collaboration forums are not working too well because it's a bit difficult to keep track of progress. And sending and receiving files back and forth is just a hassle. One of the reasons why I developed Music Jotter was to overcome these issues. So here is what I am proposing: If anyone wants to give this a try, I'd need multiple volunteers to use Music Jotter in order to work on some collaboration projects. It could be a fun way to reboot this specific part of the forum and at the same time, I get to see if there are any issues I may have missed with the product. If there are at least 3 or more people interested (keep in mind this is a Windows product), please respond here and I will then contact the interested members via a private message about how we can proceed.
  12. [Open discussion] Young Composers Magazine

    I could also write about some of our history, which could be quite interesting. We'd need to get a few of our old guard members on board to help though.
  13. [Open discussion] Young Composers Magazine

    If this idea goes through, would you mind if I write a few articles about Music Jotter?
  14. If I offered the ability to download as well as stream, the bandwidth of this server would increase considerably. To move forward or backward, just click and drag the seek bar to the right or left. This should work fine in Firefox, but as I said before, I just can't seem to get this to work well in Chrome. I honestly don't know why though.