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  1. Just to follow up with this, there was an issue and it was due to the file extension being in caps. I've resolved that situation so that the player will still be recognized whether or not the file extensions are in caps or not.
  2. I decided that I should publish this portion of our magazine right here in the Composer's Headquarters for easy access. This article was written by @luderart and he and @Maarten Bauer went through 236 pieces to choose the best in Orchestral and Large Ensemble Pieces. It is important to note that these choices are indeed very subjective and the authors state that as well in this excerpt: Visions of a Renaissance: Tone Poem for Full Orchestra, by Chad E. Hughes (maestrowick) This piece is about my love for the city of Detroit. The opening section is the fast past traffic on 1-75 and 1-96. The slow adagio section is our sun setting upon our riverfront. The recapitulation of the pizzicato is the masses returning back downtown to the evening festivals, theatre events, sports extravaganzas, and our illustrious Greektown in hopes that the economy of the city shall be revitalized. Emma Overture, Op. 31 (After the novel by Jane Austen), by Robert F. Beers (Austenite) Stylistically-wise, this “concert overture” remains fairly within the Romantic ballpark, although spiced up by the usage of some harmonic and rhythmic elements from other musical trends. Nevertheless, and despite the fact that Emma is widely considered to fit into the mold of a “romance novel”, I made a conscious decision to avoid a “love theme” altogether, instead choosing to depict the flowing relationships among the characters by layering their themes one above another, or by having one’s theme breaking into another’s. Concerto for Euphonium and String Orchestra, by Sojar Voglar This is one of rare examples in Slovenian literature for euphonium. It is neoclassical concerto with all neccessary features: sonata form, easy-to-follow motifs, transparent orchestration and, frank, even clear tonal centre G major. I was a bit inspired by Hindemith's "Gebrauchmusik" since there is not enough concertos for euphonium to venture into experimental world of art (which is, frequently, terrible for ears and mind as well). Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, by Sojar Voglar This is my first large scale concerto. It was created throughout 2001 and 2002. Observing it with my current mind and ear I am still happy with use of cello and its balance with orchestra but I am not so pleased with formal approach.
  3. Winter

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, you started off with a solid introduction, peaceful, and almost sorrowful. I believe a solid introduction is incredibly important and something composers miss the mark on at times. If you can't draw someone in from the very beginning, you lose your audience's interest.
  4. Winter

    A very simple piece and gets your point across. As someone who used to be an avid piano composer, who loves romanticism, and loves the winter, I had to comment. This is such an expressive piece and this expression really draws me in. How did you get your composition to sound so rubato? I can really hear your talent for such expression. I would personally love to see you expand on your ideas, you know how to portray emotion so well in such a short length, imagine what you could do with a piece of a greater scale.
  5. Animation! Composers needed :(

    @Axelroxasxion3582 what format are you trying to upload? I suggest you upload to YouTube, and embed the YouTube link.
  6. Profile picture purge?

    I will assume no then. This never has happened during the history of this site being on this server, so assumption will be that this is a software glitch. I just have no idea how to pinpoint the glitch. So, as soon as your picture is purged again, just let me know!
  7. Profile picture purge?

    Have you noticed if any of your posts were missing? This will help me rule out an issue with the server being rolled back without my knowledge.
  8. Profile picture purge?

    I advise everyone to update their profile pictures, and the moment this purge happens again, notify me immediately so I can report this strange behavior.
  9. Profile picture purge?

    Can anyone verify that this is continuing to happen? We did perform a major upgrade a few months ago, but I don't see how that would remove a profile image. The only difference should be that letters now replace a default photo, to make the board look a little nicer when a user opts out of a profile picture.
  10. Composition App?

    Even better, maybe we can make use of the new club feature here. Perhaps something like this is better utilized in a club, this way we can keep track of members who may be interested in participating.
  11. Profile picture purge?

    I am looking into this.
  12. Composition App?

    An app for something like this might be overkill, however I certainly would endorse it if someone took the initiative to create one. I've tried a forum called "Find a Composer" but the forum never seemed to take off. As @luderart said, if someone wants to create a thread in one of the forums, such as the Composers' Headquarters, feel free to do so. And if that thread really takes off and is something popular, we can consider opening a new forum then.

    Actually, I might have an idea to incorporate elements of each design logo, even the design that received 0 votes. I would ask @Vadrif D. Zobrist for help if you are available. I'll start a group chat with @Maarten Bauer detailing my thoughts.
  14. Ok I gave in and coded this functionality in. If you hover over a member profile, you can click on "Music" to view a listing of all user attachments. You can also get to a member's compositions by clicking onto their profiles. Hopefully this is more helpful now.
  15. There doesn't appear to be a way to search for attachments, interesting. Although not ideal, an alternative is to use the advanced search to browse through posts by author in specific forums. Here is a good link for you: https://www.youngcomposers.com/search/?&q=music&type=forums_topic&author=chopin&nodes=165,166,167,168,169,170,171,172 Just replace the keywords in bold with your search phrase and member name and this should be equivalent to searching for user's attachments. Just note that if you use the search form, there are more options.