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  1. We actually used to have a "composer of the month" but having a featured composition on the home page is a great idea. It think it would be good motivation for members. Now all we need is a home page :toothygrin:
  2. Some members were freaking out a while back thinking that the admins could read their PMs just because they're stored on YC's server ;)
  3. Man, I wish that bug had existed back in the day. It's genius! :laugh:
  4. scraggy! I never noticed it! Am I the only one with the displaced tabs? EDIT: Ah. It seems it's chrome that doesn't like the new layout.
  5. Uhh. My tabs are displaced but it only happened in the last few days... maybe while I was away. Was anything changed with the template?
  6. Here's another upload error: the wiki won't let me upload new files. It tells me "The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver." Meh.
  7. Agreed. We've been discussing this at the staff meetings. It would be awesomely useful.
  8. Agreed... although that wasn't the issue in 2004. Yeah but we had quite the community :toothygrin:
  9. While I love the addition of a Wiki button, it only appears on the forum subdomain :happy:
  10. This thread is primarily in the forum to draw notice and it'll be moved to the wiki thread upon completion of this little project. For now, it's an announcement. I intend to write a small serious of wiki tutorials over the next few days. Below are the topics I intend to touch on. They will be posted to the wiki but I'll add links here as I make them. I'm not saying these will all be independent pages.... but this is what I'll cover. This is pretty much your chance to learn everything you could ever need about making a basic article. If you want advice on more advanced template creation and more complex layouts, send me a PM. Creating an article Types of articles found in our Wiki (including standards) Basic wiki formatting How to use categories How to use our templates Basic Wiki controls for new Editors FAQ (if you guys want to post some Q's) Also, yes, I realize that a lot of this information can be easily found on the internet, however, people are more likely to use the Wiki when they don't have to hunt it down. :happy:
  11. For now: wiki.youngcomposers.com It's still fully functional, it just hasn't been updated yet.
  12. I I think the colour of "Thanks" should be changed to contrast a little better :happy:
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