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  1. There is certainly less demand now because there are so many more composers. Nobody needs you to write 200 symphonies nowadays. I personally think it is far better to write one really great work than a million so-so ones. With so much great music available to us nowadays, there is really no room for so-so pieces.
  2. You mentioned enjoyable music, right.... of the past 100 years. Here's a couple I like: Ravel - Mallarme songs Webern - op.3 no.5 'Kahl reckt der Baum' (exquisite! you can find it on youtube) Messiaen - Preludes for piano, Oraison, Quartet for the end of time Ives - his songs (esp the recent disk with pierre-laurent aimard) Steve Reich - Just about everything from Piano Phase to Triple Quartet! Also, Cello Counterpoint. John Adams - China and Phrygian Gates, Common tones in simple time, the Chairman Dances, Eros piano Terry Riley - A Rainbow in curved Air album, numerous other works Philip Glass - Music with changing parts La Monte Young - Piano Trio (so eerie... can be hard to find though) Check out Christopher Theofanidis and Kevin Puts too! They are living North American composers with wonderful music.
  3. Salieri killed Mozart! Salieri killed Mozart! How could you like him!?
  4. Obviously, Lilypond is the best value since it is free, more powerful, and less buggy than the other programs on the 'market'. I also find it to be quite simple to use, provided you take a bit of time to become familiar with it (you also need a good text editing program like jEdit). But, since there isn't really any playback to speak of and no visual element as you are entering the composition - it probably isn't for beginning composers who are not as accustomed to writing music. Finale and Sibelius have entry level software as others have mentioned and it might be worth looking into. They can be a valuable resource for learning composition skills.
  5. Marius - thank you for these excellent suggestions. However, I have played only a few of those games - I imagine the reason why most people here haven't listed this game or that game (especially recent games) is simply because they haven't gotten around it playing it yet or aren't into a specific genre - and it's very difficult to be exposed to video game music unless you are actually playing the game!
  6. It IS tough. Tough really to find good recordings of Ravel's piano works in general. I find the same even more true of Rachmaninov's solo piano works (there are plenty of good concerto recordings.)
  7. To Zanarkand is perhaps not gag-inducing, but I do skip over that track. There are better ones on the soundtrack for sure. In particular, 'Wandering Flames' and the two forest themes. Those I can think of off the top of my head, but there are other good ones too.
  8. Oh yes, Final Fantasy Tactics is not to be forgotten either. Never has music made sprites that walk in place seem so intense!
  9. This thread has made me start replaying through Donkey Kong Country. As soon as I beat the first one (almost done) I'll move on to the 2nd which is my favorite. Here's another nice one from the game:
  10. The music is also great in the 2nd game too. Yoshi's Island, another SNES platformer has memorable music too.
  11. I will respectfully disagree! I think that his 3rd concerto is way more 'pianistic'. There is no doubt that the 2nd is the more massive concerto though. I guess it depends on whether you feel that the concerto after Prokofiev headed in the 'big' direction or the 'lean' direction. They both really deserve to be there and are quite different examples of the piano concerto. I certainly wouldn't use the 4th though, unless the list was oddest piano concerti. (The Busoni would be in there too.)
  12. My own list would be: Bach - Brandenburg concerto no.5 Mozart - Concerto no. 20 in d minor Beethoven - Concerto no. 4 Beethoven - Concerto no. 5 Liszt - Concerto no. 2 Brahms - Concerto no. 2 Rachmaninoff - Concerto no. 3 Rachmaninoff - Paganini Rhapsody Ravel - Concerto for the left hand Prokofiev - Concerto no. 3
  13. Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VI/VII The Donkey Kong games of course have such nice music in them too. Who could forget Zelda Ocarina of Time too? Those catchy ocarina melodies... I'm quite the fan of the Earthbound soundtrack too. I love the soundtrack to Civilization IV also.
  14. Come on... are you guys seriously going to bicker about when exactly Minimalism started? Why don't you leave that to the academics please.
  15. Everyone should listen to '26' and '23' by John Cage, they are truly beautiful pieces of music. There is definitely an influence of 'minimalism' in these pieces - but more of the La Monte Young brand with long sustained pitches.
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