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  1. So people who just enjoy music in night clubs are not intelligent? Are you actually reading what you type?
  2. I can find you millions of kids that would rather listen to Ludacris than listen to Mozart. In fact, Ludacris may have more mass appeal.
  3. One word: .Odd times over 4/4 can be pretty damn cool, I'd say.
  4. Yeah--fifth mode of MM. Same thing as Mixo b6, if you think about it. Nice 7b13 tonality.
  5. Well, if we're talking modes of melodic minor, Lydian dominant is hard to beat. Altered dominant sound, best of both worlds between Lydian and Mixo, and the diminished fourth is in a nice spot in the scale. Delicious. Aeolian dominant would be a close second for me.
  6. I take it your favorite mode of melodic minor is diminished whole-tone?
  7. Who the hell writes in Db minor? :unsure:
  8. I love percussion. But drummers all are retarded apes. All of them.
  9. Drummers who think they have the right to speak.
  10. I feel fairly confident that Anthrax liked Public Enemy. Anyway, I highly suggest that people who know nothing of metal stop talking about metalheads like they have the faintest idea about them.
  11. E has a strong hold on second, but A is definitely best for me. Having the bVI and bVII on a lower string is always helpful, and I don't have a seven-string.
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