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    I am passionate about creating music. Something simple, yet beautiful can transform me.
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  1. Well, that's sad. I kind of think the radio is a good idea. I actually did listen to it for a while and ended up commenting on someone's piece. lol
  2. Hey, I have been somewhat inactive for a while and decided to get on the forum again and review a couple of piano works. After I got done I noticed a notification saying I had a radio credit. Could someone explain to me how this works because I did not see a place to upload any mp3 files or whatnot? Does it just take one of my compositions that has already been uploaded to the site? Glad we have a radio on here! I'll have to start tuning in. Thanks!
  3. My e-mail got hacked everyone. My johnprestondennis one so if you get a weird link from me don't click on it. I changed all my passwords on my accounts. Thanks!

  4. I am trying to compose a few saxophone solos on Finale 2008 and I am having a difficult time because when I put the notes in I hear certain pitches, but when I have the computer play it back for me the pitches change. I think this is because saxophone is an E flat instrument and it might be playing it back to me in concert pitch. Is there a way I can match up the pitches so that I can hear it, hum it, and keep composing? Thank you! -J.P.
  5. I am interested in writing for all kinds of different areas of music...including pop music.

  6. I am interested in writing for all kinds of different areas of music...including pop music.

  7. I would have to say The Happy Working Song from Enchanted. Also, I've Got a Dream from Tangled. I also love all the music from the classics like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. (Note...all of these movies were done by the same composer. Alan Meiken)
  8. Hey - Thanks for adding me as a friend! I'm checking out your YouTube Channel! :)

  9. Hello, I have Finale 2008 and mind you I think this file has been moved originally from Finale 2005. I am in the process of editing an older piano piece and I have it just how I want it on the screen, but when I print or create a PDF file it moves the staves around. Such as moving a stave down or up a line. Will I need to just create a new 2008 file and copy and paste it over? Or am I going to have to start from scratch all over? I have attached the finale file and PDF to show you what I am talking about. You can just take a look at page 1 if you like. -J.P. The War of Fantasia - Mov.1 - Piano.MUS Finale 2008 - The War of Fantasia - Mov.pdf
  10. I am listening to myself on youtube this morning.

  11. I am listening to myself on youtube this morning.

  12. Here is the thing. I do own a music business. It is small, but I want everything done properly. Also, there is going to be over 2-3 performs of this in the next month or around Tennessee. Also, the full production is happening next year! I am a member of A.S.C.A.P.!! Thanks for reminding me!
  13. I have heard SO many things about copyrighting a piece of music. I was first told you have to do it with registered mail unless you want to pay big money. Then I heard that you just need a copy of it and once your piece is on paper or CD it is under copyright. Then someone said the registered mail does not work and that I could get all my pieces copyrighted at one time with the US government for $20-25. So...do I need to worry about doing any of this? I do want my work protected so I am generally concerned.
  14. Okay so I heard that the Poor Man's Copyright is no longer a valid proof of copyright. That you have to register your music with the government. Supposedly, you can do as many songs as you want at one time and pay one $30-35 fee. I suppose that is the case?
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