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  1. Eftos


    [Op. 44] Artificial Eftos. Trivy is synthetic.
  2. Black Industrial & Goth Opera

  3. Black Industrial & Goth Opera

  4. sorry for returning but music is that trivial c
  5. plain chant, repetitive, obsolete, straight, 4/4, boring, a waste of time.
  6. uhm so less knowledge do i have. cents? seconds? in the 21st century it should be placed around hz. Even if we have to dispose the old instruments. imho every single instrument and note can be used as a tuning basis. then in 12-tone-scale the higher-note is hz(lower-note) * 12th square-root of 2. (16th square-root of 2 if you have 16) quite trivial. i always thought i am (western music is) on a perfectly round scale... i use modplug tracker to compose and hate that after only only 12 steps it repeats. seems to me that the very core of music needs an upgrade.
  7. luckily eastern 16-tone-scale composers do only plain chant. but i know the old western scale with just 12 notes is to fail. what next? throw away all western instruments, the piano, saxophone and flute. Apply new markings on the viola. even in 12-tone music all they do is so predictable. jump 13 tones or 11 which is a good idea, but you recognise all those progressions, easy with just 12 tones. the next debussy comes out of india. He will put harmony, polytonality on the new scale to a new level. all we can do is sit and listen with our eyes open. after all symphonic orchestras have switched to 16 no-one will be able to play the old outdated western music. we all want a revolution in music. start one.
  8. hello, i have a theory of relevant music. the amount of it stays the same. in each century to come only around 5 minutes will be added. the time of epical works is over. if you cant say it in 300 seconds you failed. Clearly 5 minutes of old music then get irrelevant. next question is: how much relevant music is out there? Days, weeks? See the problem? I say only 3 hours of music at maximum (of various composers) as of today can be considered relevant. To my believe zero seconds are from pre 20th century. And zero seconds are from youngcomposers.com. Think the same? Eftos
  9. funny, i could replace the name half a dollar with all the others and still you comment on that name. rhytmical? repetitive and boring and thats a fact. theres no room for speculation there. they have their people everywhere, even on wikipedia where a more intelligent than you and me lists their skills pseudo academic. besides, people are blinded by large numbers they fake in any media or chart, online and offline. the listener sees the big number and thinks there must be something like talent. the suggestet musikpedia must be a pain in the back of the record industry thats why it must attract lots of users. i recently read the wikipedia article of timbaland (yes, thats a name) copying 64music for his songs, to show what a nice guy he is: here's the original wikipedia reply: "It makes me laugh. The part I don't understand, the dude is trying to act like I went to his house and took it from his computer. I don't know him from a can of paint. I'm 15 years deep. That's how you attack a king? You attack moi? Come on, man. You got to come correct. You the laughing stock. People are like, 'You can't be serious.'"
  10. you must, have to and best: can force music. its hard work and sticking with it. then: revising and revisiting. one big mistake to me imho ist to everytime start something new instead of clockworking.
  11. so you gave up fighting comercial music? we need one instance in the web who tells the truth, thats what i wanted to say. dont you find it challenging reviewing 50 cent from a academic point of view? tell how naive it is. the problem is to get the attention of the industry, so the side has to be big. we need a musicpedia where the style colum of 50 cent says "simple" and "obsolete"
  12. hello, three years ago i thought myspace is the absolution, since 2006 last.fm is the standard to me. the latter holds all music in the world especially the biggest names as of today. and thats its problem. if you start tagged radio you always get the stars first. besides rookie users scrobbel 24/7 to be top listener and leave unqualified shouts. the question is what comes next, and here yc could play a role. imho we need a side where popular music is reviewd by professionals and the listeners can only comment on it. if the new p-diddy single is obsolete it must be said in a neutral academic review.
  13. thanks for your reply. as you are a violinist, to you the difference is minimal. plain chant stays plain chant. what i have in mind are orchestral works, polyphony, polytonality, dissonances. but i have an other question, would you have to change your instrument? Could you play those music with your violin?
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