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  1. so... is there anything happening now? I've been the only one to post here for days, and I've got no responses.
  2. Here's my submission : Free file hosting by Savefile.com hope this works, and I look forward to viewing everyone's! do you need any other material, or just the vid?
  3. I apologize. First off, no, it's not too big. I like this format, and what I read out of it just now is quite good. here's the issue : exams. I simply don't have time to analyize this thing until next week. so, if it's ok with you, I would really appreciate putting this on hold for maybe a week. my last exam will be on monday the 23rd... but I may be able to sneak in some stuff before that. Thanks, and I'm really sorry about putting this on hold for now.
  4. alright. it seems to be a fairly simple piece. I'm ready to examine it.
  5. sorry about the delay... busy, busy weekend. so, in a quick summary : love the Bartok. awesome stuff. never heard those contrasts before, and they were awesome. Beethoven is always awesome, and I enjoy his work quite a bit. I am not a huge fan of Debussy. there are some of his piano works that I don't mind, but as far as that particular sonata, I'm not big on it. finally, I had never heard of Hindemith before, and he's awesome. very much a fan.
  6. So, in terms of preference : I love romantic period work. so yes. Schumann is great. Actually, so is basically everything else you suggested. Yes, I do know what you said about the basic theory. I do know about ABA format, but I think a review would be great. If you just gave me a primer, I could be sure, but you don't have to go very intensely into it, seeing as how it's just to jog my memory. as for all of those songs you provided, I would be really quite grateful if you could provide links. I don't really know where to find that stuff on the net. If you don't either, that's fine, I'm sure I could look hard enough and figure something out. BUT, if you know a good place, it would be quicker.
  7. My opinion : there have been lots of covers on lots of personal songs. However, I get your ethical dilemma here. I would suggest maybe taking the changes and turning that into a head of your own. I'm not a huge fan of that, but you are right, it's a very pretty song. So, what you could do is use the changes and maybe give him credits. I'm thinking you could maybe cover it by speeding it up a tad, giving it a drum line, and playing the melody on the 'bone... You could just use it as a head for improv.
  8. I would love that. Frankly, small ensembles are where I need the most work. In terms of close contact with small groups : I have seen several string quartets live. I am currently starting a small chamber group at my school, for the higher level players. Right now we are playing the first movement of Bach's Double Violin Concerto in D minor, for example. So I would say that my experience level with those ensembles is limited, but I at least have the groundwork.
  9. Alright. So : I didn't really intend to write for such a large group. This was done a while ago, and now, with my new outlook, I'm realizing how dumb it is to have such ridiculous numbers. The original scores are below. They were made using sibelius 4... I hope you can deal with that. if not, I think I can export them in different formats. not sure. I have done very little by way of solo/ small ensemble work, but I am attempting to do a few more now that I know more. I used to not like them because they didn't offer enough flexibility. Now I think that is somewhat of a flawed view. The German system seems easy enough, but it will take me a little while to adjust. The Overture.sib symphony No 1_Movement 1b.sib
  10. Alright. Here are a few of my best in terms of harmony. I look back at these an laugh, largely because I didn't really follow through. I got a few things down, and it sounded ok so I didn't really do anything or analyze. The Overture I was quite proud of. In terms of Harmony, I think it is my best. Why isn't it very good? It has no form. It goes A section, then a Bridge... then a minor version of A section. then back to the original A section. it is repetitive, and the low brass will want to kill me. however, I think it's a good A section... it's just overdone. The second one, the "symphony No 1 movement 1b" is actually a march. I like it, I think the harmony is good (if simple) and it works well. problem? unfinished. and no real ideas about how to continue. Thus, it is again, a good A section, but no follow through. What I would like out of these lessons is two fold : -Harmony. I want to know how to do it better, more reliably. possibly learn how certain things make certain sounds. This is where the analysis comes in. (I don't know anything about the German notation you were talking about... so either you show me that, or we use standard Roman numeral notation). - Expansion/ Development. I think that I am fairly good at writing jazz charts and jingles because I can come up with very good small ideas. I don't really know how to expand them into overtures, concerti, or even symphonies. That would be very good, and I would take a lot out of that, I think. symphony No 1_Movement 1b.mid The Overture.mid
  11. Well, I have some cautious enthusiasm here. I would like to be a part of this thing, but I have things like exams (and other contests) that might beat it out for place in my ever growing list of things to do. However, if I manage to get around to this thing, I would like to make a song based on some text (not sure which) and it will be done with a woodwind ensemble. if I am allowed, I would like something like an all clarinet ensemble (Eb Sopranino, 2 Bb sopranos, Eb Alto, Bb Bass).
  12. I'm definitely in for this. I love making music with an obvious purpose, like a filmscore. This is going to be fun!
  13. I replied much earlier to this, when I was much less experienced. now I say : The Etude Revolutionary by Chopin. Fantasie-impromptu by Chopin. I'm in the middle of learning the Revolutionary. Damn. It's rough.
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