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  1. Well, seeing as no-one has done anything... I propose this as a plot and give till saturday( my time) for anyone to give complaints, suggest changes etc.(which you should, as I just took the plot so far and edited minutely) After that, we should assign parts for script-writing. Plot: Scene 1 - Main Character, (let's call him billybob for now, so that we HAVE to come up with a new name when the time comes), wakes up and does his morning routine in what he things is a beautiful mansion which he bought on the outskirts of town. (We later found out that it was an abandoned wreck that he just sort of meandered into.) He has all kinds of imaginary (once drawn) servants and guests and everything. Perhaps he asks one of his maids to clean something up downstairs, but is dismayed to find, once he gets down there, that it is still a mess. (this is obviously because she doesn't exist.) Throughout the scenes, things don't quite add up. Scene 2: He enters the town, where people avoid going near him. People talk (well, tehy sing) about him behind his back. Everyone spreads whatever the latest rumor is that they've heard about him. He makes his way to his love's house (we'll call her mary-sue) to give her flowers, but one of her brothers answers and tells him to go away. He sneaks around the back of the house and gets her attention at the window, but she is equally disgusted. After all, mary-sue's family is one of the finest and most genetically pure in town. Her father is on the eugenics board, etc. ( at this moment it should be introduced that they are celebrating the fact that mary-sue's sister is pregnant. Scene 3: mary-sue's father gets to work at the eugenics counsel. In the course of a meeting, the subject of what to do with billybob comes up. (note: they will NOT sing "what do you do with a problem like billybob - how do you catch a cloud and pin it down?") The trouble is, the plot of land where he lives does not fall under their jurisdiction. In order to arrest him, they are going to have to catch him doing something dangerous or illegal. Scene 4: Billybob is back at his "mansion" with mary-sue, but we soon find out that mary-sue is just the drawing-version of mary-sue. Billybob is ecstatic, but we start to see how mary-sue is artificially infatuated with him, and how this isn't really going to work. At the end of the scene, well, let's say this is when we find out she's just a painting. He leaves the house, and says "you can't come with me, you have to stay here with the other paintings." or something. Scene 5: Something happens that makes mary-sue warm up to billybob Let's say that's the end of Act I Act II then - Scene 1 - Now that billybob is out of his mansion, mary-sue's two brothers go sneaking around his property, remarking "what a dump" - and they sing about how he thinks it's a mansion but really it's just an abandoned property that he occupied. They go inside and search for contraband, finding only paint splattered everywhere and maybe some rancid food and a bunch of large rats or something. There are paintings of mary-sue EVERYWHERE. But they don't find anything of any use to their father, so they leave and are glad to get out of there. Scene 2: Back in town, there is a romantic scene (which I refuse to write) where mary-sue and billybob really start connecting. In this scene, they discuss how mary-sue's sister's baby ougt to be a prodigy(because of the family's superior genes) Scene 3: Once mary-sue gets home, her father asks her brothers what happened. Then the three of them start pressuring mary-sue to help them arrest billybob. Meanwhile, back at the "mansion," billybob starts getting tired of fake mary-sue and they get in a fight. By the end of the fight, she threatens to "kill the hoe" who is detracting billybob's attention. That night, when fake mary-sue is asleep, he sneaks out to meet the real mary-sue. Scene 4: this is the meeting where he scares her by telling her that a fake version of herself is going to kill her. After he leaves, she decides she will have to turn him in. Scene 5: (billybob doesn't exist anymore, and his house has been demolished.) Mary-sue's sister gives birth, but the baby is declared mentally defective, thus the tragic ending . mary-sue takes the baby(it reminds her of billybob, and she feels guilty about causing his death), saving it from "extermination". She flees and vows to raise the child.
  2. Overture, maybe, orchestrations? I would personally like to orchestrate my own stuff. Dan, you can take position as Supreme Lord, I mean president, seeing as you started this. First, we need a Plot, choose one, and then give everyone a chance to object/suggest changes. Would you set up a list of participants, so we can keep track of who is part of this?
  3. Well, if no-one has started this by friday, I will take the lead. Good?
  4. I think the sister should be the pregnant one, but as CDR said, it should be introduced way earlier, like at the first time we meet mary-sue, as in: {sister of mary sue:} Mama, papa: I bear your first grandchild! =Definitely not in these words= {chorus:} Oh, what wonderful news! --Assorted singing and dancing--- {mary-sue:}--some aria that introduces her to us as a part of the "perfect family" As for the family being sent into exile... a bit bizarre... and not in a good way. A better solution IMHO whould be: -billybob dies -baby is born -baby is found to be defective, rejected by mother -baby is planned to be terminated -mary sue recognises that the baby is a bit like billybob, and feels guilty for causing his death -takes baby and runs away from her family, vowing to raise it. BTW, hi, sounds very interesting so far, would definitely like to participate. Dave: From my experience, just talking about it is futile, if you want to get it started, kick it out of the nest(eg. choose a plot and give everyone two days to object, do this until plot is found, then assign parts to be written by people, etc.)
  5. I only came back a week or so ago, and since I have posted my piece, I have reviewed about a dozen pieces, mostly in the chamber music and piano section.:O Probably true. I'll hang on a while... (probably just mild paranoia):whistling: It seems even the composers of the pieces I review rarely reply. I'll be more persistent!
  6. Ok, I am a bit scared now, seeing as I have had a piece posted in the chamber music section since the eight, and no review. And it's not just my piece that is being neglected. With all my previous peices the first review always comes about a day or two after posting, but this is... scary:angry: What is wrong at the moment? Where is everyone?:(
  7. Look in the games and challenges section.:thumbsup:
  8. Could you just give a short description of what the game is like, and if the music should be humorous, scary or dramatic?
  9. I feel bad asking this, but would anyone be able and willing to put my piece through a sample library, as I do not have one at the moment, and I will only be able to submit a midi quality entry otherwise? :blush:
  10. It seems what is mostly shown on TV is girls in very short, tight pants giving the camera a lap dance, accompanied by a guy telling you how cool he is in the background...
  11. Well, I towel the outside off, and the put the instrument on a towel and let it dry out naturally. But remember, the instument gets uhm... damp with playing anyway, so just turning it aroud and throwing out the water should be sufficient. But I play trumpet, so I guess you do the same with baritone, just on a larger scale. And no, it's not bad for the instrument.
  12. :toothygrin: I changed my embouchure a bit more than a year ago(not nice, but it was neccisary, and the results are worth it! ), and it took me almost 2 months before I could even reach top C again, so don't be hasty, give it time and it will come. Warm-ups, and PROPER warm-ups are very important, they make sure you don't hurt your lips.
  13. Good, solid advice there, don't just rely on lips. Use air, and lots of it. Long, low notes also help, start from the lowest note you can play and for 10 to 15 seconds, and then move up chromatically to your highest note. Lip flexibilities, start with G to low C, then back To G and up to middle C. Repeat with all valve combinantions going down chromatically, thus: 0-2-1-1/2 etc. Don't expect results too quickly and don't tire your lips out too much.:D
  14. Lip flexibility exercises.... LIP FLEXIBILITY EXERCISES! Don't play until your lips hurt, if they do stop and rest. Practice frequently, not continuously. Keep your emboshure constant.
  15. Took the words out of my mouth.:angry:
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