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  1. You are my favorite person ever.
  2. I feel that while I have some talent regarding both, I need plenty of work and guiding in the two fields from my teacher.
  3. Every single professional violinist you listen to nowadays :P and above all the famous ones active today.
  4. Thanks :) you had asked if my teacher is jewish. He's not: the klezmer style is something I do myself and enjoy very much, though my teacher definitely does not. My view of music and violin playing is different. He's a firm believer in the modern school. I admire the musicianship of old greats such as Kreisler and Elman, which he finds 'cheesy' and 'd
  5. Bump? :P no one commented on this one.
  6. Seconded wholeheartedly. Kirby ftw.
  7. Probably the only Mahler symphony which doesn't completely bore me.
  8. Go jump off a cliff. To Zanarkand is very pretty, and certainly not gag inducing :angry: :( Nevertheless, Koji Kondo's on the top of my list.
  9. Seconded. It was the first piece of music I truly loved.
  10. *Laughs at you* Btw, Bolero is 17-20 minutes long.
  11. Yay, another one for the Ramone/Tokke/Sapphy-Maxy club.
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