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    My name is Jillian. I very much love and enjoy music and the arts. I live for it.
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  1. I find it really easy if you listen to music right before bed cause then it stays in your head all night.(for me anyway) Then when I wake up I write.
  2. I like that song, thanks. Learning very much.
  3. I have been studying up on harmony and chords. I'm spending lots of time at the piano playing and making up sounds. I will look at finaleprint music site.
  4. Thank you for the great sites. Bookmarked them all. They will be much help with my musical aspriations.
  5. Very interesting. I learned very much here by reading others posts.
  6. Thank you all for the advice. I understand that a teacher would help me a lot. I will speak to my parents or look for a teacher on my own.:thumbsup:
  7. Hello, I've written a book full of songs for the voice and would like to understand how I can put it together with piano music. I admire Alicia Keys and Vanessa Carlton and their styles are both different but I like a variety of mixtures of music. I listen to all kinds of music, and play mostly classical and pop. I've never had a piano teacher, my parents wanted me to learn on my own and I have done good so far, but their are places where I know I could greatly improve. I have like 3 books on piano playing, but none on composing or writing. So, I wanted to know if you could tell me which books would be really helpful. Thank you a bunch.:D
  8. Hi I haven't used karaoke, although it sounds really interesting and cool.;) I have a book by Seth Riggs called "Singing for the stars." And He teaches speech level singing which has been great for me and I've learned so much about the voice,pitch and harmony, and about caring for the voice. And still studying a lot on it. I also understand what you mean when your voice won't (go low) that used to happen to me a lot, but since I've used that book it's been working great for me. I hope my message is ok?
  9. I haven't been playing for awhile because my family had some problems with my grandmother. All last month has been really stressful for me. I tryed to fit in an our or 2 everyday, which is not enough if I want to become very good at it before next December. We had to keep running all over the place to help my grandma and my schedule just went nuts. So I missed some practice days and thats bad for me. So all this month I'm working very hard to make up for it and get back in my game of learning to play very well. I love music so much. I know that I have great potential in the piano I just need hours and months of practice to achieve it. Good luck to you TurbanToe:D:thumbsup::(:)
  10. Hello. Do they sell blank sheet music paper for composing? Or is it easier to compose with a computer? I have composed one song, very short, needs more work listening to lots of different music styles, studying the books. I've been using lined paper. I look on the internet for something. Thank you.
  11. My grandmother gave me a keyboard for Christmas last year. It's a Casio. I was usually playing the upright piano but now the keyboard has also become of interest to me. It's helped me a lot in my playing better.
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