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  1. ADD is just another way of saying 'they can't get down to work' or 'they refuse to do as they are told' and ADHD says something similar. Then again, I have ADD myself.
  2. Google - I think I typed in 'How to become an amazing pianist' and came out with TurbanToe's thread in performance, kept a note of the site and signed up next time I had a problem.
  3. Heavy Russian stuff, despite my strong dislike of the Russians (-:
  4. They were both far too amazing for human liking.
  5. Yeah, I hate people who give up really early on because [small, mock whining voice]it's too difficult[/small, mock whining voice].
  6. Thank you, Tumababa, thank you so much. I wish the people at my school realised this, so I could actually find a positive thing to say about someone's playing.
  7. If you can't think of a melody, listen to one of your favourite pieces and nick the melody from that. Then start harmonising it. PS. How long have you had this problem for?
  8. Like I said before, being happy is so boring. Actually, considering that, maybe that is why I am such a pessimist.
  9. Of course there is snobbism in classical music. I find there is snobbism in most things. I think mainly it comes from people not respecting the works of the masters whom they don't like. While I don't like Mozart or Hayden, I still respect it, and there are a few works by them which I do like. A classical snob would say 'That music is by a composer I don't like, therefore I'm not going to bother listening to it/I won't like it when I do listen to it'. The more proffessional the musicians in question, the rarer this is.
  10. Write down what part each instrument plays in the quartet (and I mean melody, harmony, continuo etc, bearing in mind they should change roles frequently) and expand that into a structure, for example, 1st violin starts with melody for seven bars on a solo, and then 2nd takes over, while 1st plays a counter melody or harmonic part, and the cello starts playing some pizz notes, for example? Then write down the main melodic idea, and shove some chord sequences or harmonies or counter-melodies in with it. As the music gets developed, use more variations. Just keep in mind what role each part is playing in the music.
  11. I have always been pleased with Yamaha.
  12. The good thing about CDs is that they come with writing inside them about what's on the CD, and info about who is performing whatever it is. You don't get that on mp3 clips.
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