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  1. It's just a half-tone glissando. I know horns can do it, clarinets can, and probably trumpets as well. Not all brass players might know how exactly though...
  2. Do yourself a favor and write for modern horn. You'll grow out of your obsession with natural horns eventually.
  3. Hipsters. OP, does anyone actually perform your work (except Finale)?
  4. Why did you write a score? You must have a lot of time on your hands. :D But good job. Here's mine: http://www.hanszimmerwantsyou.com/tracks/1970
  5. Why would anyone try to hack us? Did somebody receive some bad reviews?
  6. I'm sure you know I'm perfectly aware of both Herrmann's and Williams' places in film music history. Yes, where I live, there are a lot of older composers who've lived most of their lives behind the Iron Curtain and obviously aren't too familiar with American culture. But since the fall of the USSR we've had more and more cultural influence from the West and now plenty of young people are into film music. The older generation is more familiar with Soviet film music. I've heard a lot of it and I can tell you that apart from just a few gems, it was way behind its Western counterparts. And from what I've heard of Bollywood music I really don't expect them to have some kind of Indian John Williams over there. John Williams is one of the greatest living film composers. I don't disagree with anything you said, Chris, but by saying it in this thread you were just shitting on our parade.
  7. Can we leave this scraggy out at least on his birthday.
  8. Congratulations, you have invented counterpoint! I don't see how you can call this your own technique and even say it's "groundbreaking". Move along folks, nothing to see here.
  9. what software are you using? I really like the orchestral sounds you are producing!

  10. Yes I know how to do that. No it doesn't work. Old picture remains.
  11. Why would you favorite a woman's work. My favorite female work is beef sandwich. But seriously, I don't think it's such a big deal.
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