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  1. No, they're not impossible. Fluttertonguing is fairly easy throughout the range of the flute; it's only more difficult once you reach A6 or higher.
  2. If these new releases weren't the same damn 100 tired old pieces I might take that statement seriously.
  3. Hi... I removed the link a while back since I was able to get a professional bassist to demonstrate and comment on the practice. To sum up: I was asking what a pizzicato artificial harmonic sounded like. Specifically, a 'touch fourth' harmonic on the open E string (sounding two octaves higher). The sound is indeed slightly 'woody', though not particularly 'tinny', with a 'thumpy' attack.
  4. You should have a bar on the screen... on the left side does it say "Shoutbox Hide/Show"? Click that link.
  5. Great, when can we expect your next 25 string quartets done as Indian ragas or in gamelan tuning?
  6. Most certainly not. Some of the music I consider to be the most beautiful is also extremely (for those still suckling on baby food music) 'discordant'.
  7. musical baby food. Also, see my signature.
  8. 'Try' as in... 'tries to *look* sophisticated'?
  9. You have 3-4 generations now that have been taught that music is background noise... something to talk over. And you wonder why 'classical' music is unpopular? You have to actually 'listen' to classical music to understand it or appreciate it. You can't listen and talk at the same time...
  10. As long as your string players aren't dolts and can actually play piano, the solo should be heard fine.
  11. Oh look, the same topic, over and over again.
  12. Dunder-headed mealymouthed pseudo-pop psychology is the reason why we have nearly an entire generation that thinks that everything they do is "special". Every girl is a 'princess', and every boy is 'fly'.
  13. Anyone know the name of any fairy tales that have a Witch as a character (other than H
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