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  1. hey cool, quick responce. and I think my main problem now is that it is hard for me to go quickly from medium notes and high notes to super low notes, im talking notes that hug the bottom of the screen. course, I KNOW that a video game is no substitute for a teacher...but...well...I dunno...I'll have to see what happens...I'm a guy, so it kinda embarrasing; not to be sexist and say that girls get less embarrased, lol.
  2. I hope I don't get flamed or looked down upon for saying this, I don't think i will though... Do any of you play any of the karaoke revolution games to get a better pitch? I've been doing this for maybe 2 weeks now, and I have noticed a distinct improvement in my pitch... The reason I say I hope I don't get flamed, is cause I am hoping you guys know what karaoke revolution is. I don't want some guy to be all in my face like: "Oh, so it's just a video game! You're not taking this seriously at all!" I think the game does an accurate job of measuring your pitch, although, I've also ran into a problem: I can do all the pitch jumps in "Piano man" (for the american Idol edition karaoke revolution) fairly well, although in a song like "Just the way you are" I cannot for the life of me hit the lower pitch notes. it's like when they come, my voice refuses to go any lower, and I have to pause, and then it might go lower. its like I have to reset my voice or something. can anybody help me with this?
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