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  1. I like a fair bit of Enya's stuff... although at times some of her tunes are a bit "popularist". Have also listened to David Arkenstone's stuff over the net and it doesn't sound too bad. I also have David Bowie's album called "Low", which has the 2nd half done by Brian Eno which is one of the earlier "new age" or ambient releases. But there is a lot of quite terrible new age music out there too which is just amateurs experimenting with synthesizers and samplers, and these people tend to go overboard in their arrangements, rather than aiming for the subtle variations which IMO make a nice tune. I myself have been tempted to make this kind of music, but I often get discouraged because I think my music sounds as bad as every other new age amatuer. It is not really easy to write good music in this genre.
  2. Maybe at least some introversion is necessary to be a composer or music writer. I suppose as introverts we do miss out on some good parts of life... after all - extroversion is the natural state of being. Introversion is kind of like a flaw with side-benefits...
  3. Geez, I have to admit you guys had me... :blush: Next year maybe joke about something which is a bit more obviously a joke. I think this one is a bit sadistic and caused unecessary worry. Hmmmm, maybe you were just trying to get a feel for how much lurve there is for YC. Believe me, I would be very pissed of if the site suddenly closes or merges with Soundclick. :angry:
  4. Chopin by highlighting the word "work" are you giving us a hint that you still actually have a job and this WAS actually an April Fool's joke? I am still slightly hopeful but getting more pessimistic by the minute...
  5. Ahhh Chopin I really don't know what to believe because today is April the 1st. Are you playing some kind of sad April fool's joke or is this serious? My fingers are crossed but I am not optimistic... :(
  6. Thanks for the recommendations people... will check them out :thumbsup:
  7. Hmmmm not sure you'll find a stack of Metallica fans here (but I might be wrong).... Anyhow, when I'm writing pop/rock music, my approach is usually to come up with a few different chord-sequences or riffs, and then attempt to write some sort of melody over the top. Can't write lyrics to save my life though. The other way to go about it would be to sing a melody first, and then try to fit some chords to it. From there, I try to work on the structure of the song so it has some sort of coherence. And then write a bassline, think about a drum-beat, and maybe a couple of other instruments. Hope that helps.
  8. I heard a few tunes by Glass and they sound ok... so I want to listen to more of his work. Can somebody recommend a good starting point? Is there a definitive or best of album which would give me a good overview? Please no minimalist-bashers if possible... ;)
  9. Well there are 2 classical stations in Melbourne (the city where I live). I don't know what its like where you live, but here I find the announcers for these stations really annoying. Every announcer is usually over 50 years old, and they always speak with overly-careful pronunciation. It's as if they are trying to sound "refined" or "cultured" or something, but they come across as sounding anal and homosexual. Are all classical music stations like this? Have no problem with the music they play - it's just the announcers.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up! :) I pulled out my WTC book and gave it a go... yep its definitely one of the better preludes - I must have overlooked it (can't remember playing it in the past). Anyhow, not 100% it is the best works of all time, but it might be one of Bach's best.
  11. hmmmm.... the main ones I know are only Beethoven and Mozart... so I'd have to go with something like The Waldstein or the Appasionata. I have heard one by Liszt and it wasn't too bad but can't remember which one it was. All Beethoven's Pathetique is quite good - although not as technically difficult as the other ones I mentioned.
  12. Thanks for the responses and links guys... maybe I should have made it clear that I was looking for SCORES and not mp3s. But anyhow, from the sounds of it not many such scores exists (I did find a couple of decent midis at vgmusic.com). I could try my hand at transcribing, although I haven't really tried it in the past for anything other than pop/rock songs. Much more difficult with orchestral stuff, although I have occasionally been able to play along with a piano and work out chord structures. Other than that I might do what wrzawa suggested and try emailing the actual composers... Thanks
  13. I am not talking about a site where I can get midi files of retro 80s or 90s computer game music (I have seen a couple of such sites). I would like to study music of games such as you find in World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (ie - Jeremy Soule). If anyone knows a site where I can download scores or midis of games FROM THIS DECADE (2000s) I would be extremely grateful. Thanks.
  14. I do a fair bit of improvisation and stuffing around with chord sequences and melodies. To be honest I am pretty terrible at improvisation - 90% of what I come up with sounds like crap to me... but maybe 5% can sometimes be turned into semi-decent phrases, and then I try to piece together those phrases into something resembling a tune. Often I have to try to come up with some rhythmic ideas to go with the chords + melody (I actually find this is more difficult). I record a lot of my improvisations with a sequencer, and as painful as it is to listen to them sometimes (no way I let other people hear them!!), I think it helps you to improve in the long term.
  15. I'd probably say Debussy, just because he seems so original. Sure his music is maybe not as grandiose, but for me it is pretty evocative and I don't know any other composer really like him. Tchaikovsky would also get a mention as runner-up.
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