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  1. Awesome, I'd like to join these lessons too. :)
  2. Hmm.. It work for me at first, then it sorta becomes "loopy" (for lack of a better word).
  3. I'm still debating with myself whether to sign up. Well rates aside, it may be good for a little exposure...
  4. That was beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. :) It's sad that most artist don't sing this kind of songs often enough.
  5. I think I need to disagree. The first time I heard John Williams' or Yoko Kanno's work, I was compelled to find out ALL the music they've done. So, titles doesn't matter, what matters is the quality of music. ;)
  6. Great comedian, great pianist, great musician. What more needs to be said?
  7. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, 1st movement Sooooooo damn overrated. What's so special about it? Scales with a melody lying above it. Go to a cinema and most film music you hear are like this. Any pop stuff, played on the piano Let's face it, when pop comes to the piano, it's arpeggios in the left hand and melody in the right. No countermelodies, syncopation, accents, nothing! Film music with long, sustaining strings Ugh... do I need to say more? Makes me feel cheated when I buy a CD like this. Oh, I forgot you were asking about composers. Hmm... I'm tired of Vivaldi. Everything of his sounds the same.
  8. Nice! :w00t: I feel like dancing like the little girl.
  9. I wish I composed everything from Metal Gear Solid.
  10. Great site Justin. Good luck with your work. ;)
  11. Wonderful information for a wannabe media composer/sound engineer/voice actor like me. Thanks Nathan!
  12. I want to play this! Though it's slightly ahead of me right now. Anyone have the sheet music?
  13. Well, I can say I like jazz, but more on the written side of things. For an example, I totally dig Bill Evans' Very Early the first time I heard it. But as the piece goes on, here comes the improvisational part, which is just something I can't appreciate. Maybe the notes are too complex for me to hear any kind of feeling inside it. Another example by the same composer: Waltz for Debby I felt that the piece started to lose its charm at around 2:05 or so. It's just too, erm, complex (can't find a better word right now). Sure the harmonies are great, it's great music, I understand that. But I just can't seem to get what's so great about it. Anyone care to shed some light? Another thing, IMO it gets its charm back at 3:33 or so, since I can hold back on to the main melody again. That being said, I like improvising. I can't do it properly, just memorizing some scales and the such and playing it out. It's fun :P EDIT: After having some thought about my problem, I think it may just be that during the improvised parts, I just don't know what to listen! Should I listen to the bass? The piano? The drums? Or all at once? All those don't make much sense to me when the musician is improvising. Anyone can recommend some pieces with improvised part that aren't so steep (for lack of a better word, again)?
  14. Bah, I missed it! Never knew there was a contest like this. Good luck!
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