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  1. You just said something about one of the topics I'm currently interested in researching about, emotion and music. There are some interesting books in amazon.com. Do you know of any really a must-read? Can you point me somewhere? I'd like to know where is a good place to start. By "absolute" do you mean music that doesn't mean anything or doesn't transmit any feelings? Do you think there's something such as music that doesn't transmit any feelings? Daniel
  2. It's incredible how they sound on piano solo!!! It's as if you had each instrument of the orchestra, each in one finger
  3. Hey! That's gooooooooooooooood. :toothygrin: Looking forward to it. There's something only 45 seconds long I wrote long ago ( for piano) which I think would sound great with cellos, violins , oboes and all that :D I installed Nuendo and I'm trying to figure out how it works... :blink:
  4. Anyway, I think we'd agreed that minor doesn't mean darker, and major doesn't mean happier...
  5. We are dealing with what we are supposed to know about, composing music. He said that he was taking medication and all that, but he also said he needed help with his composing skills, and that's where we are trying to help. I think no one here ever tried to help him with what he didn't ask for, did we?
  6. Hey! That's me! I do it all the time!!! Well not all the time :w00t: , but it happend to me that I broke up with my girlfriend some months ago; now I cry all day long but I compose a lot as well!!!!!! Actually, I stopped composing when... let me think... ah! yes!! I stopped composing when I met her! :toothygrin: I compose most things for her; I'll put them on a cd and I'll give it to her someday (they are not funeral marches... lol... just some sad romantic songs... :sadtears: ) Let it flow my friend, if you feel pressed to do something you won't do it; it is as if I tell you "now yawn" maybe it's hard to do it if you force it and it won't be as good as a real "yaaaaaaaaaawn", or when someone tells you, "say something funny", you can't, it doesn't work that way!!! There other things that come to my mind which you cannot do on purpose but I won't say them... (I hope all this makes sense to you... hahaha) Daniel Tkach
  7. Orchestral Suites by Bach, all of them, they make me fly. I think I haven't heard any other suites though...
  8. Hi! dh4m13l is just "daniel" with a different look... d4n13l... see? polychords? polyharmony? where's my harmony book...? :sadtears: I still have a loooooooooooooong way to go... did you upload any examples? any compositions of yours showing this.. poly whatever thing? :toothygrin:
  9. well... no help for a poor boy... I guess I'll have to save and buy the book. It looks it's worth every cent. So it's a great book, uh? I was planning to spend like 400 dollars in orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, psychology of music books. But that one wasn't in my list. You can see my list if you go to Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more and click on gifts and wish lists, and then enter my email address hokanokoto@gmail.com. You have to order the books according to priority, you'll see all the books related to the topics mentioned above. Then there are a lot of books on phonetics and accent reduction; that's my old forgotten hobby. I've been working on that list reading reviews and browsing through the books for a couple of weeks; it think I selected not only the ones I liked, but most of them are must have books for any musician. Have a look if you have time and tell me what you think, please. For sure you'll find some that will please your heart. Kind regards, Daniel Tkach
  10. Yes, that's right. Someone uploaded the cds and I downloaded them; I thought the book was there too, but it's only the cds... I guess I'll have to buy the book if none of you can upload a scanned copy... hey! 75 dollars plus 20 dollars shipping! That's a lot of money for me right now.
  11. Hi! I was looking for some books on Orchestration, and I came across this one "Study of Orchestration, Third Edition by Samuel Adler". I thought I had download it from the internet but when it was finished I realized I just got the 6 CDs. Does any of you have the book? Regards. Daniel Tkach
  12. I used to prefer minor keys, but now I realize that I can use major to enhance a minor part and vice versa. I don't actually think in terms of major or minor anymore, they both mix naturally. It's like talking about tall and short. If "tall" doesn't exist, would it make any sense to talk about "short"??
  13. Hi! This is my second post; you can read about me in the introduce yourself forum. You are great and knowledgeble people. I'll tell you what happened to me. I started "composing" the first time I sat on a piano... er excuse me... sat AT a piano... (anyway it sounded as if I had played with my butt... lol) Now being serious. I don't think you have to know theory to compose simple songs, you can come up with great melodies though, just use your ear, and experiment with your instrument. Then, you'll produce better things when you get to know theory AND HOW TO USE IT, and when you learn what your instrument (and others) is capable of. I can tell you by personal experience, I have some friends who didn't know anything about music theory when I first met them 7 years ago, yet when they showed me their compositions I felt that all the theory I learned was just stuck in my head, without knowing how to use it, and I realized they were right in trusting their ears and heart. What they were doing was great. Then they told me they "learned" to compose that way by listening to music all the time, and by analising it. They didn't write it; they knew hundreds of things by heart. Just as Mozart said, to compose use your ears, brain, and heart. I was just trying to use my brain. Now you'll be mostly using your ear (maybe not a very educated one right at the moment), and heart (the most powerful tool you have... but it kinda seems to depend to some extent on your other "tools", brain and ear...). Use what you got. How do you learn to ride a bike? By riding a bike. You'll fall and get hurt, but it's all part of it. So, grab your instrument and compose, now!!! Daniel
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