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    With influence from Einaudi, John Barry & John Williams, I try to write music in a minimalist genre.
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  1. Thanks for the quick respond! I agree with you with having say, Sibelius Mobile or something along those lines. Just to write idea's down, that could then sync back to your Mac/PC. The iPhone can be very useful as a remote, and now with more applications allowing remote desktop views, there's even more control over a computer.
  2. Hi all, I have a question for anyone who wishes to answer. Do you have an iPhone, or similar device capable of installing applications, specifically musical based? Such as BeatMaker, Ocarina or Band for the iPhone. If yes, have you ever, and would you use them in any of your compositions? I realize they may not suit your preferred style of writing, but especially Ocarina generates a very nice sound, similar to a flute. Can you see works being written for such devices and/or software?
  3. Maryland! The cookie! They're sooooooo nice :w00t: Went to Maryland for a two week holiday (vacation). Great place!
  4. Fair enough. Do the Chinese have a name for it? Or just I leave Chinese scales alone for now...? :S
  5. Yeah, I'm sure the black notes represent a Chinese scale. Have you got a link to the piece?
  6. Has anyone here ever tried to write a piece solely using the black keys on the keyboard? I think the black keys make up a Chinese scale, or something? I've just had a go, and you can make some interesting harmonies. Has anyone tried this?
  7. Hi, Welcome to YC! I'm also new here, so don't listen to much to what I'm saying ;) Anyway, I never did, and still don't know a lot about chords, keys etc... but I've found a good way is to try things. See what set of notes sound good together on a keyboard. Choose a song you like (preferably popular) and find the guitar chords online. Print them off and see if you can match the chord "G" to the keyboard. They're usually triads (3 notes). Then add a bass line, most times the bass note of the chord itself. It's a good way to learn the chords, I think. There are also lessons within the forums. Check those out, see what they're offering. Try composing in different styles as well, just try different things, see what happens. Then you can upload your attempts to the forums, and people will help you, give you advice on what you can improve on, whats good, and how to add to it. There are some amazing composers on this forum, as an online resource, you can't get much better than YC.
  8. Wow, thanks Nikolas! I should be able to find piece's I'm looking for within those!
  9. Yeah...I'm 15, still in full time education, that isn't really an option at the moment...
  10. High school student. UK public transport isn't great, and the closest university is around 2 hours away. My local library is pathetic, there is no chance of having any score in there. Is there no free resource available online?
  11. Does anyone know where you can download sheet music? Is there any where that you can download it for free? :D There are lots of scores that I wouldn't mind having a copy of, but I cant afford the price's that are charged for some of them...
  12. Have you got a copy of the score to have a look at? See how hard they are to play?
  13. Chaski

    Brass Quintet

    Ah nice, a more classical style than other quintets I've heard. I like it...
  14. Chaski

    Brass Quintet

    I'll check it out later, must go!...
  15. Yeah, I see where you're coming from. It would be useful to show other members things quickly without them having to open up another window. If it wouldnt slow down the server, and wouldn't be too hard to instal, it would be a great feature to have.
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