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  1. same here, scoring for media is probably the only way to make a decent living with composing. just writing music for the sake of writing music, good luck with that..
  2. my achy breaky heart. i just don't think you'll understand.
  3. indeed the chorus progressions seems, well, refreshing.
  4. are you looking for just harmonies that work with the vocal melodies? or are you asking for a completely finished song (composition- and production-wise)? it seems interesting but i'd like to see some more info though.
  5. every frequency is different. case closed.
  6. oh i forgot metal music originated in america, that's new to me. secondly, most of the metal bands i listen to (if not all) are from another country than america (canada, australia, scandinavia, etc. etc.), that aside. my comment was about american film-music being greatly overdone these days. i was referring to OST's, and to OST's only, i have no idea why you replied with: "I'm sorry but I find this quote rather amusing considering it's coming from someone who enjoys and writes metal." so, reading your statement i understand that i can't have an opinion about something without taken into account i listen to metal also? that's lame. and yes, spirited away is a very good movie with an awesome soundtrack, but i feel that people seem to forget about the other ghibli gems made before and after spirited away.
  7. way to make a completely useless comment, congratulations. i have no idea what you tried to say, maybe you should explain yourself some more.. princess mononoke's ost is awesome indeed. what do you guys think of his older ghibli stuff, like the nausicaa soundtrack? the synths and 80s drums totally turn me off but on the other hand it works so well when i'm watching the movie.
  8. listening to dillinger escape plan makes you smart, forget about mozart..
  9. ofcourse, the time of a piece matters.. (:huh:) all his OST's are always around 2 to 5 minutes, different movie scenes tend to need different music, not a track that goes on for 30 minutes, that doesn't work (ofcourse there are exceptions, but i'm talking about movies/animes joe has written ost's for). listen to the first few tracks of the howl's moving castle ost, and convince yourself of the fact that quantity isn't necessarily quality. now you're bluntly comparing 2 completely different cultures. blockbuster soundtracks are meant to blow you away (american always tends to OVER-do it, story of america..), japanese movies or animes never tend to go that far, nor do i feel that they intented but didn't succeed at it.
  10. no, she does. still, joe hisaishi is king, period. imo, the howl's moving castle soudtrack is one of the best ost's written in the last couple of years. the totoro soundtrack is very funny and refreshing, there's isn't really a work of him i don'tlike.
  11. i have an idea, let's not go there.
  12. dillinger escape plan, converge, the red chord.. these bands are 'daring', this is new. stockhausen is soooo half-a-century ago..
  13. way to limit yourself. you shouldn't have used a trimmed down finale version, use sibelius instead, you'll see the light some day..
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